100 litre mini fridge: advice on which models to buy

100L mini fridges lose some of their main advantage, which is their small size. They are certainly coolers already a bit more cumbersome but, on the other hand, they are among the most capacious. And in our article you’ll discover the best 100-litre mini fridges that have convinced us the most in terms of value for money.
In addition to reading the descriptions, you can also find out the price of each product.

Retro 100-litre mini fridge: we recommend the Master Class90

The Master Class90 is already a hit at first glance, especially if you don’t mind retro designs at all. It will certainly stand out in any room because of its beautiful red colour, but apart from its looks, the Master is convincing because it is not noisy and consumes very little energy. In fact, it is a class A+ appliance.
There is a lot of space inside and we specify that the gross volume is 100 liters, but if we talk about “net” the refrigerator department drops to 81 liters, while the freezer is 10 liters. Consequently we have a net capacity of 91 litres.
And if you want, now, to evaluate the design, price and all the other features of the Master Class90, we invite you to click here.

Elegant 100 litre mini fridge: we recommend the Smeg FA120APS

The 100-litre mini fridge Master mentioned above convinced us for its retro design, the Smeg FA120APS for its more modern design but which is still very stylish. This model is also not noisy (despite being a compressor fridge) and is energy efficient(class A+).
Inside you will have two shelves for various foods, a compartment for vegetables and fruit and also a freezer department.
of which you can discover all the other features not yet mentioned (including the price) by clicking here.

Portable 100 litre fridge: we recommend 10T Outdoor Equipment

For those who are looking for a fridge to take with them on trips, outings with friends, etc. and are looking for a big one, well, with 10T Outdoor Equipment you will be absolutely satisfied. Not only for the capacity of 100 liters (inside we can also put the 1.5 liter bottles vertically) but also because it is very easy to transport. Transport is facilitated by the presence of wheels.
Excellent insulating capacity (it is no coincidence that the best insulation is used, namely polyurethane) that ensures fresh drinks up to 2 days. This duration in any case can decrease or even increase depending on the amount of ice that we put inside the cooler, but also to where we place it (if in the shade or not, for example). And of course most of all to influence the duration is certainly the outside temperature.
Are you interested in this 100 liter mini fridge?
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