20 litre mini fridge: the models we recommend you buy

In this article we will show you what we believe to be the best 20 liters mini fridge. You’ll be able to know the characteristics of these models (some of them we have also reviewed) and the price.
In addition to these selections, there will also be offers that you can evaluate through a special table. Offers that we want to show you now.

20-litre mini fridge with display cabinet: we recommend the Tristar WR 7508

We specify immediately that the Tristar WR 7508 is actually a mini fridge from 21 liters (in any case in terms of capacity the difference is very small). We chose it because we liked it physically thanks to its front display case and also because we can put inside up to 8 bottles of 75 cl wine. Larger bottles can only go in if placed at an angle, but obviously this will reduce the space available.
In addition, it is a cooler that does not consume as much, not surprisingly it is part of the A+ energy class. Model we reviewed and if you want to read the review to find out all about this 21 litre cooler, you can click on Tristar WR 7508.

Mini fridge hot / cold 20 liters: we recommend the Dometic TropiCool TC 21

Need more than just a cooler that performs the obvious function of cooling food and drink?

Would you like one that can also heat?

Then we can’t help but recommend the Dometic TropiCool TC 21. 20-litre mini fridge that can be powered not only by 220/230 volts, but also by 12 volts (so you can enjoy its coolness in your car too).
Excellent capacity, since you can also fit 2-liter bottles (depending on the shape and size changes the number of 2-liter bottles you can put inside).
Another advantage that we want to report immediately concerns the factor “power consumption”. The Dometic Tropicool TC 21 is a small appliance of class A++, so very low energy consumption.
Interested in learning more about this product?How aboutthe price?
Then you can click here.

20 litre home/car mini fridge: we recommend the Severin KB 2922

The Severin KB 2922 is in some ways very similar to the above-mentioned cooler. In that we are also talking about a 20-liter mini fridge that is ideal for both home and car use (dual power supply.). Also this time we are talking about a small appliance with very low energy consumption(class A++).
So what are the differences?
The most obvious difference is the design. The Dometic is more elegant because of a more compact structure with black/silver colours. Instead, the Severin KB 2922 (click on the link read our full review) is more “cheerful”. White and green make it a much more “lively” design.

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