30 litre mini fridge: prices and recommended models

If you’re looking for a cooler that’s large enough, you’ll certainly be able to satisfy your space requirements with a 30-litre mini fridge. The capacity is also suitable for holding two-litre bottles.
But beware: the fact that 30-litre mini fridges are suitable for holding 2-litre bottles does not mean that you can always put them upright. This is a “detail” that you will have to evaluate model by model, to avoid being disappointed by a fridge that only fits 2-liter bottles lying down or at an angle.

30 litre electric mini fridge for home and car: we recommend the Ardes AR5E30A

If you need a mini fridge in which you can put 2-litre bottles even standing up, which you can use both at home and in the car, then the best solution is to opt for the Ardes AR5E30A. A low energy consumption cooler(class A++) and already equipped with the necessary cables to connect it both to the cigarette lighter sockets of your car and to the electrical socket at home.
As for the cooling capacity, it is -17° compared to the room temperature. So, you will be satisfied even from this point of view which by the way is certainly the most important one when it comes to coolers.
The measurements of the refrigerator are 39.8 x 29, 5 x 48 cm (width, depth and height respectively).
“Yes, but how much does the Ardes AR5E30A portable fridge cost?
You can view the price here.

30 litre electric mini fridge with usb port: we recommend Mobicool G30 AC/DC

The Mobicool G30 is also an electric mini fridge that can be plugged into either a 230 volt or 12 volt socket. But compared to the model described above there is an extra feature that, depending on our needs, can be more or less useful. We refer to the USB port. In this attack we can connect our smartphone so as to recharge it. So, when the mini fridge is in operation we can take advantage of the energy.
There are also other features to evaluate on the Mobicool portable cooler, so we invite you to read the review by clicking Mobicool G30 AC DC.

30 litre portable cooler: we recommend Gio’Style Fiesta 30

Not interested in an electric fridge?

Would you prefer the good old portable fridge where you can put ice? And that, therefore, is able to keep your drinks cool for several hours without the need for a connection to a 12 Volt or 220 Volt socket?

Then the perfect solution is Gio Style Fiesta 30.
It can keep cool for up to 14 hours (but it also depends on the amount of ice used) and inside you can put several 1.5-liter bottles vertically (2-liter bottles not vertically, unless they are different in size from the classic and long 2-liter bottles).
Being a non-electric mini fridge it is also cheap[find out the price here].

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