4 litre mini fridge: the models we recommend you buy

Looking for a good 4 liter mini fridge?

In this article we’re going to offer you three different products. Small coolers that we have judged as the best and of which you can also read a more in-depth review, as well as discover the price and the comments of users who have already purchased them. And even before evaluating these three 4-litre mini fridges, there are some offers below that you can look out for.
Remember: considering that these are small coolers, inside they can generally fit 2 0.5-litre bottles or maybe 4/5 33cl cans.

4-litre mini fridge also with heating function: we recommend the Ardes AR5I04

The Ardes AR5I04 4-liter mini fridge has a rather special function, namely that of heating. This makes it, therefore, a cooler with dual functionality. Of course, you should not expect the mini fridge to heat as if it were a product made primarily for this purpose, but it certainly manages to keep food warm (for example, the bottle you brought with you to give milk to your baby).
This is just one of the various features that distinguish this mini fridge, if you want to discover all the others read the special review by clicking on Ardes AR5I04.

Vintage 4-litre mini fridge: we recommend Klarstein Bella Taverna

If you’re looking for a vintage mini fridge then our advice is to opt for the Klarstein Bella Taverna. Exactly like the model described above, it also has a heating function and of course boasts a capacity of 4 liters. And it can be connected to either a 12-volt or 220-volt socket. So, for sure even if it’s small it proves to be a really versatile cooler and we suggest you to discover all the features of this mini fridge by clicking on the link Klarstein Mini Taverna (this product is also called that), so you can read the full review discovering cost, measures and many other features.

Mini fridge 4 liters 12V and 220 V: we recommend Rosenstein NC3730

Are you, yes, interested in a 4-liter mini fridge with 220 volt and 12 volt socket, like the model described above, but would like a product with a more “modern” design?

Then, in this case we recommend buying the Rosenstein NC3730. In addition, it too is a mini fridge with dual functionality. since it can be used not only to cool food and beverages, but also to heat (but of course the same applies as the very first recommended model).
The shelf inside is removable, which allows you to make better use of the space (the internal dimensions are 14 x 21 x 13 cm).
Want to learn more about the Rosenstein NC3730 mini fridge? Click here.

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