40 litre mini fridge: recommended models and prices

In other articles we’ve dealt with 30-litre coolers or any other cooler with capacities both lower and higher, but if you’re already super-sure that what you need is a 40-litre mini fridge, well then this is the article for you.
What will you find out by reading the whole page?
You’ll be able to evaluate what we think are the best 40-litre mini fridges. And of all the models we’ve chosen (there are 3) you can read in-depth reviews.

40 litre stationary mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Hea Mks 50

Are you looking for a mini fridge? One that looks stylish and, above all, doesn’t make a lot of noise?

Well, then the Klarstein Hea Mks 50 40-litre mini fridge is really ideal. The noise level is only 30db, so there’s really no risk that if installed in your bedroom, the cooler could become your worst nightmare. This will never happen because it is a really quiet thermoelectric cooler.
This is just one of its features, you can find out all the others by clicking on Klarstein Hea Mks 50.

40 litre thermoelectric portable fridge: we recommend the Mobicool Q40 AC DC

We particularly liked the Mobicool Q40 AC DC because it is a mini thermoelectric fridge with dual power supply. So you can use it in the car, on the boat (12 Volt cable) and at home (230 Volt cable).
We also praise the compact and shock-resistant design (after all, it is made of aluminum). Personally we very much appreciated the internal dividing grill that allows us to separate food from drinks, which is sometimes really necessary as a division. Separation that with many other mini fridges on the market is not possible, unless you buy a compatible grid separately.
There’s still a lot to discover about this 40-litre portable fridge, so we invite you to click on Mobicool Q40 to evaluate all the other information.
Please note that the actual capacity is 39 litres.

Portable 40 litre hybrid fridge: we recommend the Mobicool B40 AC/DC

The Mobicool B40 AC/DC 40-litre portable cooler(actual capacity is 38 litres) is a special and at the same time innovative model, since it is specifically a hybrid cooler.
What does this mean?
It means that it can be connected to a 12 and 230 Volt socket, but unlike the model mentioned above, it has two different technologies depending on the use. When we use it connected to the cigarette lighter it will work as a thermoelectric refrigerator (therefore a lower cooling capacity) and when connected to the 230 volt socket it will work by means of the compressor. In the latter case the cooling capacity is much higher, so that the fridge can also be used as a freezer. Curious to find out all the other features and price?
Then click on Mobicool B40.

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