47 litre mini fridge: top choices

In this article, we have selected what we believe to be some of the best 47 liter mini coolers. The coolers we’ve chosen differ in terms of specific features (as you’ll be able to read right away through the titles of the following paragraphs). Of course, you’ll be able to read the description of these products and find out how much they cost.
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47 litre designer mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Beersafe L Onyx

The first feature of the Klarstein Beersafe L Onyx that immediately jumps out at you is the design[discover it here]. The onyx black gives the cooler a very elegant look. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this 47-liter mini fridge also impressed us positively with its compactness(it measures 47.5 x 50 x 48 cm), so it doesn’t take up too much space either.
Another very important feature: the quietness. Don’t expect the usual cooler with deafening noise, so much so that you can’t sleep at night. The Klarstein Beersafe L Onyx is anything but a noisy fridge. And considering the sleek design and this last aspect just highlighted, we also recommend it for use in the bedroom.
We would like to point out that this product is part of the Beersafe line, so other models with different capacities are also available.

47 litre mini fridge with low energy consumption: we recommend the PremierTech PT-F47

Are you looking for a 47 litre mini fridge with very low energy consumption?Then the PremierTech PT-F47 is a great choice for you. Yes, because this cooler is an A++ class small appliance. Moreover, another feature that has been highly appreciated is the quietness. So, again this is a small refrigerator that can be installed in your bedroom without it becoming the torment of your nights. We would like to point out that the PremierTech PT-F47 has a gross capacity of 47 liters, since about 42 liters is the capacity of the fridge and about 5 liters is the capacity of the small freezer.
Refrigerator convincing also in the price[discover it here].

Portable 47-litre fridge: we recommend Coleman Xtreme 50QT

Not just a fridge, the Coleman Xtreme 50QT is also a portable icebox. It doesn’t need any electrical connection as it is specifically a passive freezer.
Thanks to the new innovations introduced and the better insulation used (polyurethane) the Xtreme 50QT keeps ice for up to 5 days. Consequently it can be used not only for drinks, but also by fishermen to store all their catch inside.

This model also lends itself to easy transportation, which is facilitated by the presence of wheels. And thanks to the extendable handle you can carry it with you as if it were a trolley. You won’t have to lift it except, of course, when necessary (for example to climb stairs).
It’s also not too bulky(it measures 66 x 42 x 47.5 cm) and not too heavy either(it weighs 5.9 kg when empty).
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