50 litre mini fridge: the coolers we recommend you buy

In a previous article we dealt with 47-litre coolers, this time instead we go up a bit in terms of capacity and we deal with 50-litre mini fridges. Reading this article you will discover not only the three models that we recommend to buy (of which you can evaluate the features and price) but also some interesting offers.

50-litre fridge with a distinctive design: we recommend the Klarstein Mr Barbot

Mr Barbot already proves at first glance[you can find out about the design here] to be one of the most unique 50-litre mini fridges on the market. No rectangular or square shape, his is a cylinder shape with a transparent top lid so you can see what’s inside the fridge. Also, the lid itself can be opened halfway to avoid letting the freshness escape.
The Klarstein Mr Barbot is also perfect for those who want to organize parties or maybe have outdoor barbecues, as first of all it iseasily transportable thanks to the four wheels. In addition, it also boasts practical side baskets where you can put other drinks that would be immediately at hand for your guests.
The temperature can be adjusted from a minimum of 0° to a maximum of 16°C. In short, the Klarstein Mr Barbot mini fridge will become the refreshing soul of your parties.

50 litre mini fridge with two independent zones: we recommend the Klarstein Vinesse

The Klarstein Vinesse wine cellar is ideal for wine (but not only), able to hold up to 18 bottles of 75 cl. It proves to be very elegant, all enhanced by the pretty blue LED light. But the real peculiarity of this cooler is the double cooling zone, one independent from the other.
The upper part of the fridge can be used to cool drinks to a minimum temperature of 8° and a maximum of 18°. On the other hand, the bottom one can be used to cool at a minimum temperature of 12° and a maximum of 18°.
So, it’s like you have two mini fridges, as you can decide to set two different cooling levels.
Want to find out how much it costs now?Click here.

Portable 50 litre fridge/freezer: we recommend the Coleman Xtreme 52 qt

Coleman has accustomed us to fridge/freezers with excellent insulating capacity. Xtreme 52 qt is no less, so much so that this model can keep ice for up to 5 days. And this allows the use of both the vacationer and the fisherman who will not have any fear in storing the catch inside the fridge while waiting to return home.
In case you do not want to put the fish, but only bottles of water, know that you can fit up to 17.
This 50 liter portable fridge we have also reviewed, and if you want to read the review and find out how much it costs, click on Xtreme 52 qt Coleman.

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