6 litre mini fridge: offers and recommended models

We have already taken care of recommending the 4-liter mini fridges, certainly the latter are among the least capacious coolers and consequently among the smallest on the market. In this case we will instead move on to the selection of 6-liter mini fridges. As before, there are three products we’ll be recommending, and you can read brief reviews of them and find out their price.
We specify from the outset that usually in a 6-liter mini fridge can fit about 6 cans of 0.33 cl or 4 bottles of 0.5 liters.

6-litre 12 Volt mini fridge: we recommend the TDS

Looking for a mini fridge that can be used both at home and in the car?

Then we recommend buying the TDS mini fridge. This cooler is powered by 12 volts and comes with a cable. In addition, it has four convenient cup holders, where in addition to glasses you can also put cans or other objects (as long as they are the right size).
The cost is certainly one of the strengths of this mini fridge 6 liters[see here the price] and, in addition, among its features boasts the ability to heat. But as we often say when we are faced with mini fridges with dual functionality, you should never expect the heating function to be so effective. You should always consider how it is a useful function to keep food warm or at least to warm it up just a little bit. Not really for going from a cold dish to a hot one.

Silent 6-litre mini fridge: we recommend the Ardes ARTK44A

Tired of mini fridges that may be tiny, but they’re really annoying?

Well then, in this case, you can’t help but appreciate the Ardes ARTK44A mini cooler.
We can’t say that, if placed in a completely silent environment, you can’t hear the slight rumble of the fan. But it is only a “slight noise” that will not bother you. And since we are not noise-sensitive, we can also recommend it for the bedroom. The latter is a tip that may not suit those who only want absolute silence at night and who are bothered by even the smallest of noises.
We have also reviewed this mini fridge in more detail and that’s why we recommend reading the full review by clicking on Ardes ARTK44A.

Mini fridge 6 litres for cars: we recommend the Car Refrigerator model

The 6-litre mini fridge from Car Refrigerator has pleasantly impressed us not only because it has a heating and cooling function, but more importantly because being a model designed especially for the car, it comes with 4 practical cup holders. This will allow you to place your favorite drink right on the cooler to maybe drink it after a while, rather than putting it back inside the fridge.
And if you want to discover its design and other features (as well as the cost) just click here and visit the site where you can buy it.

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