60 litre mini fridge: discover the best coolers

After having dealt with the 50-liter coolers, we now move on to the 60-liter mini fridges. Obviously, these models have a larger capacity and this usually means larger dimensions. However, there are many refrigerators on the market that still prove not to be too bulky thanks to a very compact structure.
After this introduction, we point out that in the rest of the article you can focus on the three 60-liter mini fridge that we have personally chosen and that have convinced us for quality and price ratio.

Energy-saving 60-litre mini fridge: we recommend the PremierTech PT-F60

If your 60-litre mini fridge needs to be absolutely energy efficient, then the PremierTech PT-F60 already fulfils your wish. Yes, because this cooler is A++ class (so beyond A++ class, we’re talking about maximum energy savings).
The 60-litre volume is intended as a gross value, as the product is also equipped with a small freezer compartment with a capacity of about 5 litres.
This is a compressor cooler but despite this it is not particularly noisy. Unless you are intolerant of the faintest of noises, you can install it in your bedroom.
Interested in learning more about the PremierTech PT-F60?Click here and find out more about its price, design and other features.

60 litre trivalent mini fridge: we recommend the Dometic CombiCool RF 62

Are you looking for a portable mini fridge that can run on both electricity (12 Volt and 230 Volt) and gas?

In short, are you looking for a cooler that you can really use anywhere?

Then the Dometic CombiCool RF 62 is just the thing for you, as it is a small three-way refrigerator. So, it can be powered both electrically(it’s good for the car as well as the house) and gas.
The internal volume of 60 litres is to be considered gross, as you have to consider also the 5 litres of the freezer compartment.
As for the internal shelves, they are adjustable to optimize the space. Another really appreciable feature is the possibility of being able to reverse the opening direction of the door. Interested now in evaluating also the price of the Dometic CombiCool RF 62? Find out here.

Portable 60 liter fridge-freezer: we recommend the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX65

Opting for the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX65 means relying on an absolutely innovative portable fridge. Forget about those coolers that take a long time to reach your desired cooling temperature. With the Coolfreeze CFX65 this doesn’t happen thanks to the new CFX technology and the turbo function. In practice, you set the desired temperature (even down to -22°C) and if it is not reached within a short time, the refrigerator automatically activates the turbo so as to accelerate the cooling operations. Once the desired level is reached, the turbo is automatically deactivated.

In addition, another important feature to be highlighted immediately concerns the reinforced design, a structure that is highly resistant to impact. Among the innovations we must also highlight the possibility of controlling the temperature of the refrigerator also through the App (to download free on your mobile).
This product is also suitable for use with solar power, in addition to the classic 12/24 V DC and 100/240 V AC power supplies.
Of course, such a highly innovative fridge can’t come cheap[find out the price here].

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