70 litre mini fridge: the best choices

The 70-liter mini refrigerators are certainly not among the most “mini” coolers on the market. This is inevitable, given the considerable volume that allows us to put inside the product various foods and various bottles (even those of one and a half and two liters). And among the best models on the market, we have selected three of which you can read brief descriptions, except then find out the price of each.

70 litre wine cooler: we recommend the Klarstein HEA MKS-2

Are you a wine lover and would you like a wine cellar that allows you to keep your favorite drink cool?

Well, with the Klarstein HEA MKS 2 wine cellar you can do just that and inside you can put up to 28 standard bottles of wine (75 cl). In addition, the design is particularly elegant (black frame with a glass front), which would certainly not look bad in your living room. By the way, the whole thing is illuminated by a pleasant blue light.
The temperature inside can be regulated by you, starting from a base of 8 degrees up to a maximum of 18 degrees.
MKS 2 wine cabinet that we invite you to discover in full by clicking here.

Portable 70 liter fridge/freezer: we recommend the Dometic Cool-Ice WCI 70

We must immediately report that the Dometic Cool-Ice WCI 70 is a passive fridge/freezer with an effective capacity of 68 liters.
We chose it because it is an ideal product for professional use. In that if you were to use it for fishing and had to be away for two or three days, you wouldn’t have to worry about the catch. In fact, you only need to put ice on it to properly preserve any kind of food. Of course, remember that the more ice you put in, the longer the internal freshness will last.
The Dometic Cool Ice WCI 70 is also appreciated for its shock-resistant design, the ease with which we can clean it and the ease with which it can be transported (due to the ergonomic handles).
Interested in this 70 litre mini fridge freezer? Then you can click here to find out price and more features.

Silent mini fridge 70 liters: we recommend Ardes ar5i67

Also in this case we have to make a correction on the amount of liters, since we are not dealing with a 70 l cooler, but with a 67 l cooler (however the difference is really minimal, only 3 l missing).
We chose the Ardes ar5i67 fridge over others because it is really quiet. As a result, it turns out to be an ideal choice for anyone who wants to install the product in their bedroom or perhaps in the kitchen. Places where we would appreciate the mini fridge not making noise (especially in the bedroom).
In addition, we also liked it because it is not a high power consumption appliance, in fact its energy class is A+. We have also reviewed this mini fridge and if, therefore, you want to know more, we invite you to read our review (where you can also find out how much the cooler costs) by clicking on Ardes ar5i67.

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