8 litre mini fridge: our buying advice

Looking for an 8-litre mini fridge with a good cooling capacity?

We have a few products to recommend you.
In the paragraphs below, you’ll find reviews of some of the mini fridges we recommend and their prices. But before you look at the features of these models, there are also three offers you might want to look out for.

8-litre mini car fridge: we recommend Mobicool T08

Among the best mini car fridge we can not fail to mention the Mobicool T08. Obviously it can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket of your car, but what really makes it a perfect product for use in the car is the ease and safety with which it can be attached to the passenger seat. This can be done in two different ways: either through the shoulder strap of the mini fridge itself or through the seat belt. Product also equipped with two convenient cup holders.
We have also reviewed this model and if interested, we suggest you read the full review by clicking on Mobicool T08.

Mini fridge 8 liters 12 V and 220 V: we recommend Jiongzhuo L702026

Do you not only need an 8-liter mini fridge to use in your car, but also one to use at home or otherwise in a place where there is a 220 Volt connection?

In this case our recommendation is the Jiongzhuo L702026 with two power cables. It is a model with low energy consumption (40 – 65 watts), quite quiet and with dual functionality(both hot and cold).
The design is really particular[as you can see here] and is available in two colors: green and blue.

8-liter mini fridge with touch screen and display: we recommend the Somate model

Somate’s mini fridge stands out for being a cooler “in step with the times”, this is because it is equipped with touch screen controls (so adjusting the settings will be even easier) and LCD display that allows you to view the internal temperature. Which is certainly a nice advantage and added convenience. Moreover, this 8L mini fridge is suitable for dual use: heating (up to 65°C) and cooling (-26°C). In addition to the fact that it can be connected to both 220-240 Volt and 12 Volt car sockets.

Attention: a temperature below 26°C is reached (obviously this can vary depending on the outside temperature, if too high, and on the positioning of the cooler itself, if exposed to the sun for too long) only if connected to the 220-240 Volt sockets.
Do you want, now, to find out how much it costs?
Then click here and you will be able to evaluate not only its economic aspect, but also all the other characteristics that we have not yet mentioned. By the way, you can also check if the 8 liter Somate mini fridge is still available.

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