80 litre mini fridge: buying advice

The more the internal capacity of a small refrigerator increases, the more we come across products that still call them “mini refrigerators” is really reductive. Even if they are still smaller in size than classic domestic refrigerators. However, from the 80-liter mini fridge we can not expect small size, but certainly we can expect a high internal capacity, able to accommodate more bottles and various foods. And among the different coolers on the market, we have selected three (about which you’ll find out everything in a moment) that we think are the best.

Silent 80-litre mini fridge: we recommend the Telefunken GN1101

Do you want a large and silent one?

Well then the Telefunken GN1101 is the ideal 80-litre mini fridge for you. The capacity is divided between the fridge (73 liters) and the freezer (8 liters).
Among other features, we point out that this is a cooler with reversible hinges. So if the right-hand opening doesn’t suit you, you can swap it for a left-hand opening.
And to find out even more about this mini fridge, you can click on the Telefunken GN1101 and read our review (you’ll also find out the price of the fridge).

Stylish 80 litre mini fridge: we recommend the Tristar KB 7392

The Tristar KB 7392 is very similar to the cooler we mentioned above. The main differences concern the capacity, since in this case we are on a gross value of 82 liters.
Product that includes inside a freezer compartment of 11 liters and a compartment for fruits and vegetables. For additional refrigerated food you have two shelves. Of course, when you open the door you will have a large compartment for bottles and a smaller one maybe for cans.
We call it (as per the title of the paragraph) an elegant 80 liters mini fridge because, compared to the previous Telefunken model, it is more refined. It’s certainly a silent cooler too. And if you want to find out how much it costs, click here.

Portable 80-litre fridge-freezer: we recommend the Bluefin

Our choice of portable fridge-freezers is the 80 litre model from Bluefin.
Why this choice?
Because this is a compressor refrigerator which, as written, is suitable both as a refrigerator and as a freezer. In fact, it freezes down to -18°C and keeps food cold up to a maximum of 10°C. Moreover, it can be used really everywhere, in fact you can power it both with the cigar lighter of your car or camper and with the home socket. Add to that the fact that it is easy to transport thanks to the ergonomic side handles.
Has the Bluefin 80 litre mini fridge intrigued you? Then click here to find out more.

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