90 litre mini fridge: the most beautiful and efficient models

In previous articles we have dealt with 80-litre coolers or maybe 70-litre coolers (and so on), but now let’s “raise the bar” a bit and deal with 90-litre mini-fridges. As we have written on other pages, the more the capacity increases, the more difficult it is to speak of a mini fridge, given that the dimensions are not so tiny. Of course, always less than a classic home fridge.
Beyond this premise, we point out that on this page you will discover the three small 90. liters refrigerators that we have reputed to be the best on the market.

90-litre mini fridge freezer: we recommend the Klarstein Alleinversorger

If you’re not just looking for a simple fridge, but a model that also comes with a small freezer, then the Klarstein Alleinversorger will more than satisfy. Since the compartment has a volume of 7 liters and inside you can put really a lot of stuff, like maybe pizzas or, why not, frozen chips. In short, all the stuff that makes your mouth water just thinking about it.
The remaining space inside the small refrigerator is occupied by the compartment for fruit and vegetables and two shelves. Other compartments are available on the door side. And speaking of the door, the opening is reversible.
We also like the Klarstein Alleinversorger because it does not consume a lot of energy(class A+) and is not noisy. You can find out more here.

Special” 90 litre mini fridge: We recommend the Klarstein Spitzbergen Uni

Like the Klarstein refrigerator mentioned above, the Klarstein Spitzbergen Uni is also an A+ model, has a freezer compartment and is not noisy. But in spite of the previous refrigerator, the Spitzbergen Uni is definitely more unique. This is due to its surface on which you can write. For example: Do you want to remind yourself that you’re out of milk and need to buy some? Instead of writing it on a piece of paper and sticking it on the fridge, you can write directly on it. This is thanks to the marker that is already provided and, of course, the writing can be erased.
Surely this is not a feature that “changes our lives”, but it is useful and still really nice as a novelty. And if you want to evaluate this 90 litre mini fridge for yourself, click here.

Portable 90 litre fridge/freezer: we recommend the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT

The Coleman Xtreme 100 QT you can use it for several consecutive days, that is, put the ice inside and your drinks or food will stay fresh even up to 5 days. So, we are talking about a portable fridge/freezer with excellent insulation. This model is also ideal for those who go fishing and who, knowing they won’t be coming home the next day, need a quality icebox. And the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT absolutely is.
Just to be precise, the Coleman has a capacity of 91 liters (inside you can put, for example, 130 0.33 liter cans).

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