Ardes AR5I04: you can connect it both in the car and at home

You want it small and for personal use?

Would you like to take it with you when camping or driving?

Then discover the Ardes AR5I04 mini fridge: small and ideal for personal use. Thanks to the 12v power cable, you can connect it to the cigarette lighter of your car and enjoy a nice thirst-quenching drink, even while you are on a business trip or on your way to the campsite. In short, the Ardes AR5I04 mini fridge can be taken anywhere and can also be plugged into an apartment socket, so it lends itself to being used in multiple locations.
And there are still other features to evaluate inherent in the use of this cooler and that we’ll have a chance to explore in more detail in the continuation of our review.

Ardes AR5I04

Ardes AR5I04

  • Capacity 4L
  • Up to 20°C below room temperature
  • For taking also the machine
  • Can hold 4 x 0.5L bottles
  • Removable internal separation compartment
  • Hot/cold function, home/car

Ardes AR5I04 mini fridge: not just “cooling”!

The Ardes AR5I04 mini fridge is small, we’ve said it in every sauce by now, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have some valuable functions. Generally speaking, when you think of the mini fridge, you think of coolness, you think of a way to fight summer. In this case, you can think of winter as well. In fact, the mini fridge has not only the task of cooling, but it also has the task of heating.
Of course, don’t expect it to heat like a real electric oven, we are still talking about a portable cooler that has its limits in heating.
And now let’s take a look at the additional features of this mini fridge from Ardes:

  • 4-liter capacity: generally speaking, it will fit four 0.5-liter bottles.
  • Removable shelf: to optimize the space as you wish.
  • Lightweight : for a weight that doesn’t even exceed three kilos. In fact, it only weighs 2.2 kg.
  • Power 58 watts.
  • Silent: sure, you can’t call this mini fridge “dumb”, but you can’t say it’s noisy either.
  • Compact design: in fact, the Ardes AR5I04 portable mini fridge measures just 20 x 27 x 29 cm.

Ardes AR5I04: really advantageous price!

Having covered the features of the Ardes AR5I04 mini fridge, let’s go and see if this is a convenient product or not. From the title you will have already understood it and we just have to repeat it: the quality/price ratio is really good and if you are looking for a small and cheap mini fridge, this product is right for you. And there are many comments from those who after buying it was really satisfied[reviews that you can read here, clicking you can also review the price of the cooler and provide if interested in buying].

We recommend the purchase also to those who intend to put inside the drugs. And as we said is a product from the double utility since you can connect it to the car (cigar lighter) that the socket at home. Of course, always remember that, when you use it as a car fridge, you have to attach it to the cigarette lighter only if the car is on, otherwise you could say goodbye to your car battery.

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