Ardes ar5i67: can hold several one and a half litre bottles

Looking for a mini fridge with compressor that can hold 4 x 1.5 litre bottles on a single shelf?

That has a special compartment where you can put another two/three 1.5-liter bottles?

Well, if it’s such a capacity you’re looking for, you’ll be absolutely satisfied with the Ardes ar5i67 mini fridge, which manages to hold everything just described in the lines above. It has a maximum capacity of 67 litres and there is also a small freezer, but it is only suitable for ice (in fact, it is a freezer with 0 star freezing capacity).

Ardes AR5I67

Ardes AR5I67

  • Class A+
  • With adjustable feet
  • Reversible door and removable dividers
  • Ice compartment
  • Ideal for kitchens with limited space, holiday homes and hotels
  • Dimensions: Width 44.5 cm, Depth 51 cm Height 63 cm

Ardes ar5i67: silent and energy-saving mini fridge!

Among the qualities that are often sought after in a mini fridge (in addition to capacity and cooling capacity) are quiet operation and low energy consumption. The first is essential for those who might want to put the fridge in their bedroom or even in the kitchen, where they would hate to hear the annoying noise caused by their small appliance. The second is important because you certainly don’t want excessive increases in your bills. By opting for the Ardes ar5i67, these fears will be unfounded since we are talking about a silent mini fridge (decibel level of 42 db) that consumes very little(energy class A+). As far as this last aspect is concerned, the savings in bills will be quite clear, all the more so if we consider that there are still mini fridges of class B or lower on the market.
“But what other advantageous features does the Ardes ar5i67 have in store for us?”
Let’s find out all the other features of this Ardes mini fridge below:

  • Adjustable internal temperature.
  • Net weight: 15.5 kg.
  • Adjustable internal shelves.
  • Mini fridge dimensions (WxHxD): 44.5 x 63 x 51 cm.
  • Adjustable feet and reversible door: this last aspect shows us how it is possible to change the opening of the fridge according to our needs.
  • Power source: 220-240 Volt.
  • Mini fridge without internal light.

Ardes ar5i67 mini fridge: price and final opinion!

What are the features that most convinced us about the Ardes ar5i67 mini fridge and why would we prefer it to other models?

We were more than pleasantly convinced by the capacity. This is also a rather “controversial” data sometimes, since some mini fridge even if defined as “large” can not contain the same amount of 1.5 liter bottles that can, however, contain Ardes ar5i67.

Suffice it to say that, in some cases, in the compartment on the inside of the door, a maximum of one and a half litre bottle can fit, and maybe only if we tilt it. In this case, however, no, even three can fit (of course it also depends on the shape of the same, since some manufacturers have fun to give really weird shapes to the bottles).
Another aspect we liked concerns the silence.

On the negative aspects that we liked less is the lack of internal light and the lack of a power indicator. For the rest we think it’s a really good product, so we certainly recommend buying it[find out here, though, if it’s still available].

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