Ardes ARTK44A: “Power to the young”.

Do you want a portable mini fridge that’s ideal for use both in the car and at home?
What’s more, would youprefer it to be cheap as well?
And, if that’s not enough, would you like it to have enough autonomy when it’s not plugged in?
Then you’re looking for the Ardes ARTK44A portable mini fridge. All you have to do is continue reading this review to discover all the benefits of this small portable fridge.

Ardes ARTK44A Minifrigo Portatile Artiko 6 litri

Ardes ARTK44A Artiko Mini Portable Fridge 6 litres

  • Ideal for home, car, office, camping etc.
  • Can hold 4 x 0.5 L bottles
  • Equipped with Auto function thanks to the cable with cigar lighter plug
  • Easily transportable thanks to the practical handle
  • External dimensions Width 26 cm, Depth 20 cm, Height 31 cm
  • Internal compartment dimensions Width 13.5 cm, Depth 14 cm, Height 26.5 cm

Ardes ARTK44A Artiko: small, but resistant!

The Ardes ARTK44A Artiko mini fridge has a compact structure, which makes it very easy to transport, thanks to its very small size. In fact, the Ardes mini fridge measures just 26 x 21 x 31 cm. Small size, true, but that doesn’t mean your small fridge isn’t resistant.
What do we mean by “resistant”?
We don’t mean that you can make your small appliance fall from the fifth floor without anything being done (also because, we wonder, the reason for such a gesture, unless your wife is kicking you out of the house and helping you with the moving process. What a dear woman, thoughtful to the end!). What we mean is, once unplugged from your car cigarette lighter or home socket, your Ardes ARTK44A mini portable fridge will be able to keep the temperature inside cool, for up to two hours.
So, it may be small, but it’s really tough. The advantages certainly don’t end there, let’s go and see them all in the special list we have prepared below.

  • The capacity is 6 liters which, generally speaking, is equivalent to about 8 cans. If you want to put 0.5 liter water bottles, then the number drops to 4.
  • We mentioned how small and easy it is to carry, but we didn’t mention the weight. Well, your Ardes mini fridge, when empty, weighs just 2.6kg, and comes with a convenient carry handle.
  • The shelf is removable, so you can optimize the space inside the mini portable fridge to your liking and according to your needs.
  • The cooling level, compared to the external temperature, is -14° C.
  • It uses the Peltier cell cooling system, so no refrigerant gas or compressor.
  • Low noise level.

Ardes mini fridge ARTK44A: even the price is not “big”!

The Ardes ARTK44A portable mini fridge, as we have seen, is a mini fridge for the office, for the home and also for camping. Any situation is good to take the cooler with you. And now we just have to evaluate the cost of this small appliance.
“So is this a good value for money product?
Absolutely, as it’s a really mini cooler, durable, not too noisy and versatile (dual power supply). In short, you have everything you could hope for in a small refrigerator. And considering that it’s also cheap[review the cost here] we can only recommend buying it.

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