Ardes mini fridge: quality and affordable refrigerators

Let’s discover in this page the brand Ardes, even if more precisely it is called Ardes+Medicura, since in the last years this company has acquired both Medicura and a well-known company of slicers, the SGL.

We are talking about a brand capable of excelling in the field of ventilation, heating but also cooling, with excellent portable refrigerators.
And in this article we will discover the features of the Ardes mini fridge, as well as the best models and prices.

Ardes mini fridge: the best models

Are you looking for the best Ardes mini fridge?

You won’t have to go around sifting through site after site to figure out which is the best Ardes portable mini fridge to buy. We’ve got that covered. To evaluate the best one though, we couldn’t rely on your personal taste, but we just thought to enclose, on this page, only the mini fridges with the best value for money. And you can read a review of these models.

  • Ardes AR5I04 (4 litres capacity)
  • Ardes TK45A (capacity of 17 litres)
  • Ardes AR5I67 (capacity of 67 litres)

Ardes portable mini fridge: features

The Ardes portable mini fridge is ideal for any occasion.
Do you have to go camping?
You can easily take it with you, since, depending on the model, it can maintain a low temperature inside your small fridge for up to three hours. In addition, it has a good level of cooling, which can be more than -20°C above the outside temperature.
Some coolers can be attached to the car’s cigarette lighter, while others have dual power supply so that they can be used at home as well.

The shelf of the Ardes mini fridge is removable so as to optimize the space inside. The power is adjustable. The switch on the back of your mini fridge allows you to select the type of power supply, whether alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC), just like the Ardes ARTK44A.

Present, in some Ardes mini fridge, also the heating function. So, in addition to the due cooling function, you can also insert food to be heated. Just press the appropriate control. In addition, to avoid any kind of error, there is a led indicator, so you will never have doubts if your Ardes mini fridge is working in cold or hot mode.
We are talking about a product that is easily transportable, thanks to its small size and ergonomic handle.

Ardes mini fridge: prices

The price of the Ardes mini fridge depends on various factors, such as capacity, power, its resistance to external temperature and many other functions and features. Depending on what you want, the price will be different, but it will still remain affordable. Ardes doesn’t offer stellar prices for their coolers[as you can evaluate here].

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