Ardes TK45A: 12V and 220V power supply

Are you looking for a small mini fridge for your office or a mini fridge that you can take camping?

If the answer is yes, then you will appreciate the Ardes TK45A mini fridge. In fact, you can even plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter. So, if maybe you’re spending too much time in the car for work, you can enjoy a nice cold soft drink. The same thing if you’re travelling with the whole family.
So, from these first words, you’ve seen how the Ardes TK45A mini fridge is an ideal product for both home and car. And we’re certainly not done here with the features.

Ardes ARTK45A

Ardes ARTK45A

  • Ideal at home, in the car, in the office or camping
  • Equipped with Auto function thanks to the cable with cigarette lighter plug
  • Easily transportable thanks to the practical handle
  • Removable internal shelf
  • External dimensions Width 28 cm, Depth 34.5 cm, Height 45.8 cm
  • Internal compartment dimensions Width 21 cm, Depth 19.5 cm, Height 37.5 cm

Ardes TK45A fridge: optimise your space!

The Ardes TK45A mini fridge is equipped with a shelf that allows you to have two shelves, where you can store your drinks. If you don’t want to use the two shelves, you can remove the shelf. Depending on the use of this shelf, what you can put inside the mini fridge will also change. Let’s make two very practical examples: if you use the shelf, then you lose in height but you gain two compartments and this would favor the entry of more small cans. If you remove the shelf, you will use more height and we can assure you that without the shelf, you will be able to fit 4 two-liter bottles. So it may be a small mini fridge, but the capacity is not bad at all, a good 17 l.
And now let’s move on to the other features of this Ardes mini fridge:

  • Net weight 7 kg.
  • Easy to carry: thanks to the convenient top handle, it will be really easy to move it.
  • Space-saving: The handle we mentioned just a moment ago is also foldable. This allows you to take up less space.
  • Low noise: we are on the standard levels of modern mini fridge. We certainly can’t call it silent, but not noisy either. You certainly can’t put it in your bedroom.
  • Dimensions 41.8 x 42 x 60.8 cm.
  • Power 37 watts: therefore, we are talking about a very minimal energy consumption.

Ardes TK45A mini fridge: and save money too!

Compared to many mini fridge on the market, Ardes TK45A has a very competitive price[with this offer it costs even less] and proves to be a very valuable ally to fight the heat in summer. Considering its dual utility, it’s really an excellent product with a truly enviable value for money.

We recommend the purchase to those who do not have large claims in terms of capacity and for those who perhaps must use it in the office or bedroom (in our opinion the noise is bearable). Also ideal for those who travel, given the availability of being able to connect the mini fridge to the cigarette lighter of the car. Although it does not consume much, it is absolutely not recommended to connect the cigarette lighter to the car battery when the car is off.

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