Beko mini fridge: all about the models

Among the top brands in the refrigeration industry, we cannot fail to mention Beko. As you will find out in the course of the article, Beko mini fridges offer more benefits to the end user. Benefits of space and at the same time capacity, benefits of cooling efficiency and at the same time energy saving. In short, these are products that offer good value for money.
In the following paragraphs we will not only evaluate the technical aspect, but you can also evaluate the economic aspect. In addition, we have selected the best Beko mini refrigerators.

Beko refrigerators: prices of the best models

We want to immediately propose you what we consider to be the best Beko mini refrigerators. You can find out the prices of these products in the table below, then simply click on the appropriate links to evaluate all the features and check whether the refrigerators are still available today or not.
Update: only one model is currently available.

Beko small refrigerator: the characteristics

Beko mini refrigerators are among those appliances that can also be used as a replacement for a classic home refrigerator. Especially if you do not need a freezer. It allows us, therefore, to save space, given that it is much smaller than a real refrigerator as it does not have a freezer compartment.
The space inside the Beko mini fridge varies depending on the model chosen, but it certainly stands out for its not insignificant capacity. We can easily fit 2-liter bottles and there are several removable shelves. The shelves can be placed at different heights so you can decide how to optimize the space inside.
There is also a drawer for fruit and vegetables and a top shelf for eggs.

Satisfaction comes not only from capacity, but also from energy efficiency. In fact, with Beko mini fridges we’ll be using a class A+ appliance, so electricity consumption is reduced.
A further advantage is the reversible door.
The opening is on the right but would you have preferred a left-handed opening?
Well, you won’t have to settle for that anymore, you can easily reverse the opening direction.
Like a normal domestic refrigerator, Beko’s mini models also boast a special light that comes on every time you open the refrigerator. And, of course, you can adjust the temperature inside to cool your food properly.

“Can the Beko mini fridge be installed in the bedroom?”

Absolutely yes, as some models boast a decibel level of only 40 db [such as the Beko TS1 90020 fridge that you can discover on this site]. So, a level which is absolutely bearable and which clearly distinguishes it from other bedroom refrigerators.
We also recommend it to those who may have a residence and intend to equip the various guest apartments with an efficient, low consumption and silent mini fridge.
Nothing to object to about the design, simple and compact.

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