Blue mini fridge: our buying advice

Coolers come in various colors, you are certainly spoilt for choice. And if what you are looking for is a blue mini cooler, then this article will help you find the small cooler that may be right for you. Since we have selected some of the most beautiful models available. And even before evaluating our choices, you’ll be able to pay attention to some interesting offers.

Blue car mini fridge: we recommend the Mobicool T08 DC

The Mobicool T08 DC small thermoelectric fridge has pleasantly impressed us because it’s great for in-car use. Beyond the obvious 12-volt power supply, we like it because we can secure it stably to the seat (via the seat belt). As a result, even in case you have to brake, well there’s no risk of the cooler accidentally falling to the ground. But that’s not the only reason we loved it, click Mobicool T08 DC to find out all the other reasons.

Blue 14-litre stationary mini fridge: we recommend the Mobicool f15

If you want a small home and car fridge(dual power supply, 12 and 230 V) with a maximum capacity of 14 litres and that can be used for both cooling and heating, with the Mobicool f15 you’ve found what you want. Of course it is a blue cooler (although it is also available in other colours).
Would you like to find out the price and all the other features of this product?
Then you can read our in-depth review by clicking on Mobicool f15.

38 litre blue portable cooler: we recommend the Mobicool B40

Among the 38 liter blue coolers we have selected the Mobicool B40 Ac/Dc, this is because it is a model with dual power supply and dual use. In fact, it can be used not only as a refrigerator, but also as a freezer (minimum temperature of -15 ° C). Inside it we can put up to 15 one and a half liter bottles!
And if you are interested in knowing everything about this portable cooler, click on Mobicool B40 Ac/Dc.

Blue 48 litre portable cooler: we recommend the Mobicool W48

Another model from Mobicool, but with the W48 AC/DC you have more space (48 liters), where we can put up to 12 2-liter bottles. Also this cooler can be powered at 12V and 230V and in addition is much easier to transport. This is thanks to the wheels and the folding handle.
Model that also boasts a butterfly opening lid, so it does not have to be opened completely to take something from inside.
Interested in buying or just curious to know more?
Click on Mobicool W48.

Stationary blue mini fridge with 108 litres: we recommend the Klarstein PopArt

Thanks to its vintage design, the Klarstein PopArt Blue impresses from the start and is a beautiful piece of furniture. The refrigerator is very spacious, with a 13-litre freezer comp artment and a compartment for fruit and vegetables. In addition, another feature much appreciated is the quietness, so you can install it (if you want) even in the bedroom.
The PopArt is a line of refrigerators from Klarstein (in fact, there are several models available in different colors and with very small differences), but if you are just interested in learning more about the blue PopArt, then we recommend you click here.

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