Bomann mini fridge: best models and features

In this article we’ll pay special attention to the Bomann mini fridge, describing not only the advantageous features offered by this small appliance, but we’ll also have a chance to evaluate prices and the best models.
And since the Bomann brand has become very popular for mini freezers as well, we’ll talk about these products as well. Maybe, if interested, you might even lean towards a useful double purchase.

Bomann fridges: prices of the best models

To help you right away to choose the mini fridge Bomann, we have selected in the table below the two models that have convinced us most (we have also chosen a mini freezer Bomann). The prices are immediately visible, while to evaluate the characteristics of each product and also any evaluations given by those who have purchased them, just click on the link “Discover the offer”.

Bomann mini fridge: the characteristics

The Bomann mini fridge can be more or less equipped with the freezer department. However, we are talking about a small container, whose maximum capacity can for example be 6 liters [as in the case of the Bomann KB 389, a product that you can discover here]. Each model is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, so you can regulate the cool inside and cool as you see fit your drinks or food.
Inside you can manage the space as you see fit, since the shelf you can also remove it so you have more space to put bottles upright.

Convincing on the energy saving front too. The model Bomann KB 389 is part of the energy class A++, so as you well know we refer to an appliance that consumes very little compared to other models of lower class.
There is another detail for which the mini fridge Bomann are appreciated, that is the silence. There will be no problem in placing the small appliance even in the bedroom, as the decibel level is around 40 db. Your sleep will not be disturbed. And this is one of the most appreciated features in these products.

From an aesthetic point of view there is nothing special about Bomann refrigerators. They don’t boast any weird designs, the whole thing is very simple but elegant at the same time.
Are you looking for small refrigerators with a special design? Then you can read our article “designer mini fridge”.

Bomann mini freezer: the characteristics

As written at the beginning of the article we also want to talk to you about Bomann small freezers. Ideal products perhaps to be installed in the cellars or in a second home. Of course, compared to the mini fridge, they can be used only for frozen foods and the internal capacity varies from model to model.
Among the best mini freezers of the brand we recommend the Bomann GB 388[discover it here]. As it is an A++ class appliance with reversible door (so you can change the opening according to your space needs). Equipped with an adjustable thermostat and good thermal insulation. In fact, should the power go out, the food inside will be safe for up to 12 hours.
The Bomann mini freezer also proves to be quite silent, in fact the noise level is always around 40 db.

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