Built-in mini fridge: useful and space-saving

Do you need a refrigerator that fits perfectly into the small space left by your furniture?
You are a hotelier and you also want to offer the minibar service, but you don’t want it to take up too much space in the room?
Then, the least bulky and most suitable solution is the built-in mini fridge. Perfect for all those rooms where there is not much space and where you prefer to put the small appliance maybe inside a shelf. In short, maximum comfort that doesn’t take up space.

Small built-in refrigerators: the features to evaluate

These types of mini refrigerators fit perfectly into a given compartment, as long as you take the right measurements. And certainly the dimensions represent the first parameter to evaluate when choosing the refrigerator. But it’s not the only one, let’s discover the others below.

Read the descriptions because not all models are built-in!

Don’t be fooled by the rash opinions of those who use the cooler inappropriately, as there are more models that cannot be built-in than the opposite. And remember: if it is not specifically described, the refrigerator cannot be built-in, or at least it is not recommended.
If you should decide to recess a product that is not recommended for such a fitting, then you must at least recess it so as to leave the right space for the fan to work properly.

Small built-in fridge with freezer!

Isn’ t it enough to just chill a certain drink?
Do you also need a freezer function?
No problem, there are also mini fridge-freezers. So, if you’re in your room and you want to enjoy a nice cold croissant or a nice ice lolly, nothing will stop you. Having a freezer, however, means less space for the fridge, if the same model is available both with and without the freezer shelf.

Small built-in fridge for heating too!

Do you want it to heat the food?

Evaluate the purchase of a mini fridge with a double hot-cold function, so as to take advantage of this double function (as long as you don’t expect the same effectiveness as a microwave oven, of course).

Small built-in fridge and energy class!

It is better if the built-in fridge belongs to energy saving class A or higher. We say this because these models consume less than a class B or lower refrigerator. They consume less and cost more, but the higher cost will be repaid later by savings in the bill.

Built-in mini fridge: prices

How much does a built-in mini fridge generally cost?
It can cost either a lot or a little (since we are talking about prices, we suggest you evaluate this offer, if active) everything depends, as in all purchases, on the characteristics of the product chosen.
Another factor that affects the cost is the brand.

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