Camping fridge: costs and guide to choice

Want to go camping and can’t do without cold drinks and food?

You certainly need the mini camping fridge! Convenient and very useful to take a nice cool sip of water on the way or to have cold drinks once you arrive at the campsite.
The mini fridge has the same functions as a fridge, only it ‘s smaller, cheaper and portable. Obviously, it won’t have the same power, but you don’t need a large, high-powered cooler when you’re camping.
At this point, all that’s left to do is to get into the heart of the article, where we’ll show you some of our recommended models, types and features.

Reviews of recommended camping fridges

Below we will show you links that will allow you to read reviews of the camping mini f ridges we recommend. In order to help you right away to locate the review that may interest you the most, we have already written down some of the features of these travel coolers.
More buying tips (including reviews) are also waiting for you as you continue reading.

  • Mobicool V30 (12/220 Volt mini electric fridge with 29 litres)
  • Mobicool B40 (mini fridge, electric 12/220 Volt, 38 litres)
  • Mobicool W48 (mini fridge, electric 12/220 Volt, 48 litres)

Portable mini fridge for camping with ice: they last and cost less

Among the cheapest types of travel coolers are models that are neither gas nor electrically powered. It is enough to insert the ice inside. For such models, it is even more crucial to evaluate the level of cooling, that is, how much the cooler is able to withstand the outside temperatures. So, if for example its level is -15°, it means that if outside there are 35°, the refrigerator maintains a temperature of 20°.
Among the most recommended models is the Giò Style Bravo 25.

Electric camping fridge: suitable for home or hotel rooms

Without a shadow of a doubt, the electric mini fridge is the most popular. Depending on the model, you can first attach it to your home to immediately refresh your travel essentials and then, thanks to a 12v socket, you can attach it to the cigarette lighter of your car to keep the freshness of your products intact. A double utility that you can use both at home and at the campsite.
Yes, but howmuch does it cost?
The cost is not high at all, there are models on the market really cheap, as demonstrated by this price.

Gas camping fridge: use it everywhere

A gas camping fridge can also be electric. There are models that can be used both ways. First you can plug it in at home, then you can plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car and then, when you get to the campsite and you’re all sitting around the same table, you can use the gas to keep your food fresh. .
These types are defined trivalent precisely because of their versatility.
The sore point is that these travel coolers are the most expensive[see price here].

Travel cooler: features to look out for

We were able to see the two different types of camping coolers, we just have to view, now, the different advantages but also the various functions that distinguish each model from each other. Let’s say right away that there are mini fridges that can both cool and heat, thanks to the dual function hot cold. That said, let’s go and see all the other features.

Freezer: is it worth it or not?

We could answer that it’s worth it, but you could also counter by saying that you don’t need it. This is where the catch is. On the one hand, the freezer can be useful for those who carry food that could deteriorate during the trip. On the other hand, if you don’t, you don’t know what to do with it. So, convenience is entirely subjective.
If you decide to buy a mini fridge equipped with a freezer, carefully evaluate the description of its capacity in litres.
Why do we say this?
Because some models may boast a total capacity of 81 litres, but it’s good to know exactly what capacity is inherent in the freezer and what in the fridge.
Another warning: some models “boast” of having a freezer, but in reality they may only be equipped with a freezer compartment for storing ice. Therefore, always carefully evaluate the characteristics of the products to avoid misunderstanding certain unclear wordings.

Electric or gas mini fridge camping or neither?

It’s up to you to choose between electric, gas or a cooler that doesn’t need a power supply. Certainly, electric mini fridges guarantee longer lasting use. Even better if you opt for pure 12-volt models so you can plug them into your car’s cigarette lighter socket while traveling (as is the case with the Mobicool K30 model).
There are also coolers that are both gas and electric, such as the case of the Dometic Combicool rc 1200 egp. If you opt for the models without any power supply (other than ice) you need to evaluate the above.

A little light can help!

If you like, for example, to stay on the beach until late at night, then you will not be able to do without the mini fridge with internal light. At night, the beach is poorly lit. In order to see what you take from your little fridge, you need the internal light. So, at first glance, you won’t mistake vodka for red bull.
The mini fridge with light is ideal for being able to see clearly, especially when there is no external light or the lighting system can’t provide enough light.

Better if it is easy to transport!

The convenience of carrying a mini fridge also depends on its capacity, because obviously the larger the volume, the fuller it will be (and therefore the heavier it will be). Smaller fridges can be carried over the shoulder, while heavier ones should have ergonomic and, above all, strong side handles.

The usefulness of the compressor!

A mini camping fridge with a compressor allows you to reach even lower cooling temperatures but, at the same time, increases the noise level. Although more modern models use insulating materials to minimise noise. It is certainly quieter without a compressor, though. So, if, once back from camping, you want to put your mini fridge in your bedroom, this detail is not to be underestimated, especially if you are a light sleeper and even the slightest noise bothers you.

Camping refrigerators: prices

The price of a mini camping fridge can vary depending on the features. For example: the larger the capacity in litres, the more expensive it will be (all features being equal, of course).
Of course there are many other features that can vary the purchase price of your small fridge and it will be up to you to evaluate (in the light of the information we have given you) which model of mini camping fridge is perfect for you and your family.

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