Candy cctos 542xh: capacious, elegant and silent

Looking for a roomy mini fridge?

And a really stylish design?

Does it also need to be quiet?

Would you like one that consumes very little energy?

Requests that are more than legitimate and that are fulfilled by the Candy cctos 542xh mini fridge. Precisely for this reason we recommend you read the entire review, also because the advantageous features do not concern only these aspects.

  • Dimensions: 850 (height) -550 (width) – 580 (depth).
  • Mini fridge with compressor: equipped with a freezer.
  • One drawer for fruit/vegetables.
  • Adjustable glass shelves.
Candy CCTOS 542XH

Candy CCTOS 542XH

  • Total capacity: 109.l
  • Fridge capacity: 95 l
  • Climate class: st
  • This product is tested before being packaged and marketed, so it may have water residues.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d ): 55 x 85 x 58 cm

Candy cctos 542xh mini fridge: convincing in many ways

There are mini fridges that are perhaps more convincing for their quietness, others perhaps more convincing for their considerable capacity and others still for their low consumption. And then there is Candy cctos 542xh that convinces on all these aspects (and more).
With this mini fridge of the well-known brand Candy we can count on a very low annual consumption (172 kwh), on the other hand we speak of a class A+ appliances. Even the capacity is really impressive, since in total it is 109 liters (as regards only the refrigerator, it is about 95 liters, consequently for the freezer we will have a volume of 14 liters).

On the “noise” you can be really quiet and place the mini fridge wherever you want, since the noise level is only 39 db. So, bedroom, office or shop makes no difference, the appliance won’t bother us for sure.
To evaluate all the other features of the Candy cctos 542xh just read this list below that we have prepared:

  • Equipped with internal led lighting.
  • Freezing class 4 stars: considering that according to the stars you have a conservation at -6 ° C, it means that in this case we will have a capacity of well -24 ° C.
  • Plug type: Schuko.
  • Reversible door: therefore it can be mounted either on the right or on the left.
  • Defrosting: automatic in the fridge – manual in the freezer.

Candy cctos 542xh fridge: price and final opinion

“To buy or not to buy the mini fridge Candy cctos 542xh?”

Are you faced with this last doubt?
Well certainly it is quite obvious how the mini fridge in question does not have a price within everyone’s reach[review it here] but it is also true that it is not a mini fridge that can be compared to other models, especially with regard to those at the lower end. Since in this case we are faced with a more elegant model(the shelves are glass with white finish), silent and low energy consumption.
Among other things, it is also very capacious (a good 109 litres in total).

If, however, you still think that the price is a bit too high and that, therefore, it is not worth buying the Candy 542xh, well then we can recommend you another model of this brand. We are referring to the Candy cfo 050 E mini fridge. It costs less and has less capacity, but it is worth it in all other aspects.

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