Candy cfo 050 E: noise level of only 41 decibels

Do you need to have a small refrigerator with you so you can put cold food and drinks inside?

A necessity we may need in different areas, not only at home in the bedroom or maybe in the garage, but also in the office and in the shop. Especially in summer, the moment often comes when we want a nice sip of our favourite drink at a temperature that is certainly not the room temperature. The Candy cfo 050 E mini fridge can certainly be of help in this regard.
Do youwonder if it’s a silent mini fridge though?
You couldn’t stand having an appliance next to you that makes an unpleasant sound to say the least?
Well you won’t have to fear that either with the Candy cfo 050 E, as it’s an absolutely silent mini fridge (only 41 db).

  • Energy class A+.
  • Capacity: 43 lt.
  • Bottle capacity: up to 2 litres.
  • Mini fridge with compressor.
Candy CFO 050 E

Candy CFO 050 E

  • SUPER COMPACT MINI FRIDGE: the Candy mini bar fridge is only 44 cm wide and will adapt to all your space requirements.
  • STATIC: thanks to the variable ventilation system, the Candy mini fridge ensures a more homogeneous distribution of the temperature, for an excellent preservation of your foods
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: choose and set the optimal temperature of your Candy mini fridge bar through the mechanical control system

Candy cfo 050 E mini fridge: it’s really small!

Some mini fridges boast this name but in reality they are not always so small. Sometimes appearances (especially if we only look at them from a photo) can be deceptive. That’s why it’s always very important to find out from the beginning what are the exact measurements of a mini fridge, otherwise we could face some unwelcome surprises. But with the Candy cfo 050 E even in this case there is nothing to fear because it is really a small fridge. Its measurements are: 515 mm in height, 450 mm in width and 470 mm in depth.

In addition, another very interesting fact is the energy class(A+) which puts us in front of a low consumption appliance (the same is estimated at 107 kwh per year). Among the other features we point out that the shelf is adjustable as well as the hinges are adjustable, in fact you can reverse the direction of the door so as to adapt it better to the space available.
After these further descriptions, let’s now see a complete list with all the other features that distinguish this Candy mini fridge.

  • Internal lighting.
  • Fruit and vegetable drawer and small freezer.
  • Adjustable internal temperature: through a special mechanical control panel.
  • Freezing class 4 stars: this means that the freezer can preserve food at a temperature of -24° C.
  • Plug type: Schuko.
  • Net weight: 1.5 kg.

Candy cfo 050E: price also quite mini!

What convinced us most about the Candy cfo 050 E mini fridge and why do we prefer it to other models?

We are convinced by the silence factor that will please all those who can not stand fridges, yes, small but more deafening than large ones. In addition, the dimensions are not at all excessive and allow a free and discreet installation in any environment, so both home and work.
The conservation capacity of the small freezer is also excellent (4 stars). And to all this is added a price that is really excellent[see it here] considering the many qualities of the Candy cfo 050 E mini fridge.

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