Candy mini fridge and wine cellars: discover more

This article is dedicated to Candy mini fridges, and we won’t just be looking at the classic small fridges, but also at the elegant wine racks. The latter also have the task of cooling our favourite drink (also suitable for food and medicines), but from an aesthetic point of view (and not only) there is a clear difference between the two appliances. Differences that we will analyze on this page where we will also evaluate the best mini fridge Candy.

Best Candy mini fridge: prices and reviews

What are the best Candy mini fridges?

You’ll find the answer to this question simply by looking down, where (in the table provided) the three best Candy mini fridges are represented. We’ve also written a detailed review of two of these products.

  • Candy cctos 542xh (109 lt)
  • Candy cfo 050 E (43 lt)

Candy mini fridge: features and lines

Candy mini fridges are subdivided according to specific commercial lines which, however, we can already anticipate, do not boast great technical and aesthetic differences. All are silent and all have freezers and adjustable shelves.
The first line we are talking about is the CRU, where we find models that can reach the A++ energy class and rather large capacities (over 100 litres). These products have an internal light. From the point of view of design, the door is rounded and the external handle is made of metal. There are also support feet.

Another of the most popular lines is CCFO, from a technical point of view there is nothing to add. From a technical point of view there is nothing to add, but from a design point of view the support feet have disappeared, or at least are reduced to simple “bands”.
With the Candy mini fridge of the CCTOS line, we move on to appliances that are more slender in the vertical, but for the rest we still have a rounded door with a metal handle. And specific technical characteristics such as capacity, consumption, etc. that are different from one model to another.

The last line we will deal with is the Divo (you can recognize the products also from the name CKRTOS). These mini fridges are among the most elegant, not surprisingly they boast crystal shelves and their shape is more “rounded”. They are also the Candy mini fridges that cost the most[as you can see here].

Candy mini fridge: the characteristics

The very first difference we notice between a Candy wine cellar and a Candy mini fridge is in the design. Not only does the external physical structure change (the wine cellars are larger, black and have a front display case), but also the internal structure with wooden shelves.
There is the possibility to regulate the internal temperature so as to guarantee the perfect conservation of the wines. Obviously, it is possible to use Candy wine cellars for other drinks as well.
From an economic point of view, however, we must point out that, generally, Candy wine cellars cost more[find out here] than the “classic” Candy mini-fridges.

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