Car fridge: reviews and buying advice

Driving in summer means fighting heat and thirst. For the heat, the solution is to turn on the car’s air conditioning and forget for a few minutes that it’s “hell” outside. For thirst, all you have to do is take a small bottle of water with you, but after a short time it will become lukewarm and then undrinkable. This is only if we don’t have a mini car fridge. In this case, the freshness of our drink (whatever it is) will be saved and we could quench our thirst properly.
So, fighting thirst is simple, all you need is a special cooler.
“Yes, but whichone?”
We will help you in the course of the article to choose the right model with advice on offers and the best models.

Car fridge: the best models

What are the best mini car fridge?

We consider the three refrigerators, which we are going to describe, the best models on the market. Chillers that differ in some features that we will have the opportunity to focus on in the course of the three mini reviews.

Best 8-liter mini car fridge: Mobicool T08 DC

The Mobicool T08 DC mini car fridge convinced us because it is the perfect companion for those who travel alone. In fact, you can put it on the passenger seat by attaching it to the car belt or by using the same belt as the cooler. It also boasts two convenient external cup holders. It’s not just for cooling, but also for hot food. And if you want to know more read the full review by clicking Mobicool T08 DC.

Best 29 Litre Mini Car Fridge: Mobicool V30

The Mobicool V30 is suitable for those who travel in company, in fact, its internal capacity allows you to carry even six 2-liter bottles standing up. Moreover, it can be connected not only to the 12V socket in your car, but also to the classic socket in a house. So, it boasts a dual power supply.
And if you want to know more we invite you to click on Mobicool V30 fridge.

Best 48 litre mini car fridge: Mobicool W48

The Mobicool W48 is the most capacious of the mentioned car refrigerators. In addition to having a dual power supply(12V – 230V), it allows you to carry it around with ease. In fact, it is equipped with special wheels. Thus, you will not have to make any more efforts to lift it from the handles, but you will just have to carry it as if it were a trolley.
Interested in this mini fridge for car and home?
Then, click on Mobicool W48 and find out how much it costs and all the other features.

12v and 220v car mini fridge: double benefits!

Mini car coolers are usually 12v and you can’t go wrong with that. Thanks to this plug, in fact, you can connect it to the cigarette lighter of your car. However, some models of mini fridge can also be connected to your home socket, thanks to a 220/230 Volt adapter. In this way, you will not only be able to enjoy the usefulness of your electric mini fridge in the car, but also at home.
Among the best models, both 12 Volt and 220/230 Volt, we suggest those of the brand Mobicool, and exactly the following coolers: Mobicool G30, Mobicool K30, Mobicool B40 and Mobicool Q40.

Car fridge for travel: even non-electric!

We mentioned the advantage of being able to take advantage of a 12 Volt and 220 Volt fridge, but there are also passive (non-electric) portable coolers on the market. So, in such refrigerators we have to put ice inside. The more ice we put in, the fresher the food will stay.
But be careful, it is not enough to put in lots of ice to ensure freshness for several hours. This duration is also affected by the level of insulation of the product (i.e. its resistance to ambient temperature). Among the best passive models we suggest GioStyle Bravo 25, of which an electric version is also available.

Mini fridge for cars: not only for cooling!

The mini car fridge is small, comfortable and perfectly functional for the purpose for which it was produced. That’s why it’s the perfect travel companion.
Perfect travel companion?
Yes, because it won’t argue with you, it won’t tell you that you’ve taken a wrong turn and that you’re the usual or careless one. It won’t bother you while you’re driving. No, your mini car fridge just wants to help you out and cool down your hot and muggy day.
But be careful: it’s not just for cooling. Some models are also suitable for storing hot food inside (as is the case with the Dometic BordBar TB 08).

Mini fridge for cars: prices

We could see how useful the mini car fridge can be. It gives you a refreshing break during the hottest and sultriest summer periods. And not only in the car, but also at home, since some models are equipped with a double connection. The price of the portable car cooler also varies according to this feature. Certainly, models with more capacity and more features cost more.

Portable car cooler: use it when the car is running!

Be careful when using the mini fridge. If your car is turned off and you still decide to plug the mini fridge into the cigarette lighter, you seriously risk ending your trip early, as the battery will run down.
So, remember, never connect the mini fridge to the cigarette lighter if the car is turned off.

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