Coca Cola mini fridge: our buying tips and offers

Coca Cola is certainly one of the most popular drinks and in the summer it is a must (for all lovers of this delicious drink) to drink it cool. For this reason it is necessary to have a special container that can keep it cold as long as possible.
Whatif the cooler in question was a mini Coca Cola fridge?
Well, it would certainly match the drink. And it must be added that the mini Coca Cola coolers are really beautiful. Obviously they all have some aspects in common, namely the red color and the writing. However, beyond these common points, you can choose between really different fridges in terms of design and technical features. And in this article we have chosen the ones that for us represent the best solution both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

Best mini fridge Coca Cola

Three offers previously while now we will describe three mini fridge Coca Cola. Products that we have personally chosen because they have convinced us not only aesthetically but also from a technical point of view. Of the selected models you can also know the prices (reading the following mini reviews you can find out how to view them).

Best 12 litre mini fridge Coca Cola

The red design of the CZBX0001 model is beautiful, with a Coca Cola bottle drawn on the door. In addition, it is a mini fridge that is easily transportable thanks to the convenient top handle.
Its maximum capacity is 12 liters and inside you can take up to 18 cans of Coca Cola. By removing the shelves, you can even fit larger bottles of Coke inside.
Less noisy than other mini fridges as it boasts a brushless motor. Power supply not only 220 volts butalso 12 volts.
As far as the external dimensions are concerned, they are: 27.5 x 34.5 x 49 cm. while the internal ones are: 21.5 x 15.5 x 41.5 cm.
And how much does it cost?
You can find out the price here.

Best 15 litre mini Coca Cola fridge

For those who don’t need a high capacity fridge, we suggest Coca-Cola 10525430. Thanks to the removable shelf you can put inside even more bottles of Coca Cola as long as the height does not exceed 34.5 cm. Product that in addition to being quite pleasing to the eye, you can use it with both 220 Volt and 12 Volt connection.
The Coca-Cola 10525430 mini fridge has an average noise level, but you can reduce it by activating the Eco mode. This would also reduce consumption, although this is already quite low considering it’s an A++ class appliance.
Want to find out how much it costs?Find out here.

Best 23 litre mini Coca Cola fridge

If you want a small Coca Cola fridge in which you can only put some cans and, by removing the grill, even some 1.5 liter bottles of water, then we recommend the purchase EZetil 526430. Aesthetically pleasing thanks to a display case that allows you to see the contents inside the fridge.
It is an energy-efficient mini fridge belonging to the A+ class. Moreover, it can be used both at home and in the car thanks to its dual connection (12V – 220V).
Thanks to the Eco mode you can set the operating power of the product and with this mode active you will have a lower consumption and also a quieter operation. Also suitable for keeping food warm.
Do you want to find out how much it costs and if it is available?Click here.

Mini fridge in the shape of Coca Cola: the most beautiful model, but…

We believe, for personal taste (and therefore as such questionable) that the most beautiful mini fridge Coca Cola is the one in the shape of a can. Specifically we are talking about the Coca-Cola model 525600[here you can see the design and also the price].
Beautiful, only you have to gloss over a flaw: the noise. Unfortunately, it’s not a silent mini fridge and, as a result, you can’t put it in your bedroom or any other place where you don’t want to hear any annoying noise. This is the only reason that does not allow us to put among the best mini fridge Coke this model shaped like a Coke can. And it is a great pity because it is really very nice.
We can recommend the purchase only to those who do not care about the noise and those who have to put it in a place where it will not bother anyway.

Coca Cola mini fridge: they are not often original models

In this last paragraph we want to make a necessary clarification.
Thefact that a mini fridge may have the writing Coca Cola on the design does not mean that the product was made by the famous brand. Other companies may have made the mini fridge and then placed the writing Coca Cola on the surface of the product.
It is right to clarify this and, leaving aside issues that do not concern this article, we believe that this, however, does not affect the quality or beauty of a product.

On the other hand, if we are looking for a mini fridge bar Coca Cola, the fact that it is made by that international brand or by a less prestigious brand, what does it matter to us?
The important thing is that the product is of quality, that it cools properly and that it is beautiful. At the limit, the “problem” of having taken a model that is not original Coca-Cola is born if in the future we want to resell the mini fridge and we certainly can not sell it at the same price as an original product.

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