Coleman iceboxes: models with large cooling capacity

With the Coleman icebox, you can have a product that provides a high level of fresh food preservation for multiple days. You can go out on a boat and come home after 5 days and you can see that your catch is still fresh. This is not because of an electrical connection, since Coleman iceboxes are passive, but because they boast excellent insulation. First and foremost, the material used is polyurethane, which is the best insulation on the market and provides 30% better conservation performance.

In addition, Coleman has demonstrated through tests that the cooling power is lost on the lid and on the floor (for a total loss of 60%) so it has properly insulated both the bottom and the lid. And there is also UV protection, so as to guarantee protection from sunlight.
But the excellent insulation is not only guaranteed by this, since when the icebox comes into contact with hot ground, the heat is immediately distributed to the cold room and, when we raise the cooler from the ground, the air will take care of dissipating the heat. Consequently, the air is also used to guarantee excellent insulation.
In short, as you may have guessed, the Coleman icebox is an excellent product.

Coleman icebox: the best models

In this paragraph we want to deal with the best Coleman iceboxes.
Our selection was based on value for money and we have chosen three mini fridges based on a specific quality, namely: the ability to keep cold more or less long the food that will be placed inside them.

Best Coleman icebox with one day refrigeration capacity

Do you have to go on a one-day outing with friends and/or family and want a mini fridge that will keep your food cold for the entire time?

Then the right Coleman solution for you is the Excursion Cooler 16. This model has an internal capacity of 15 litres (it can hold up to 22 cans). It keeps ice for a day with outside temperatures of 32°C.
And if you want to find out the price and more features of the Coleman Excursion Cooler 16, you can click here.

Best Coleman ice chest with up to 3 days cooling capacity

If your ice keeping needs are greater than one day (up to a maximum of 3) then the Coleman solution for you is the Poly-Lite 48. This model is not only more powerful than the previous one, but also more capacious thanks to its 45 litres. Also ideal for those who go fishing.
And if you want to find out the price and also the opinions of those who have already bought it, click here.

Best Coleman icebox with up to 5 days refrigeration capacity

Need food and drink or freshly caught fish to stay fresh for up to 5 days?

The solution for you is the Xtreme 52 QT model. Not only does it have excellent refrigeration capacity, but it’s also quite roomy(48 litres). You can even put 1.5 litre bottles inside.
Icebox that we have also reviewed. So, if you want to know more click on Coleman Xtreme 52 QT.

Coleman portable icebox: prices and other features

We have already described the qualities that clearly distinguish the Coleman icebox from other models and among other features we must also point out that all mini fridges are equipped with practical handles that allow easy transport. In addition, in some cases there are also glass holders on the lid. Of the same we must specify that it boasts a secure closure that does not allow leaks.
Present the drain that is leak-proof and also rustproof.
Of course, the iceboxes have different capacities (for example, the Coleman Extreme Marine 70 qt is a 66 liter model and the Coleman Xtreme 100 qt is a 91 liter model) . And also from these different capacities will change the prices.

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