Coleman Xtreme 100 QT icebox: quality and “quantity”.

Do you need a large portable icebox?
An icebox that will keep the ice and therefore food and drinks cold for several days?
Do you need an icebox to use for fishing?
Then the ideal solution is the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT.
On the capacity front it boasts a volume of 91 litres so we can only praise the large amount of “stuff” we can put inside (even up to 130 33 cl cans). But what makes this model extraordinary is the ability to maintain the ice for several days. Thanks to the devices designed by the Coleman brand and the use of polyurethane as an insulating material, the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT icebox keeps ice for 5 days. Imagine, for example, going fishing and coming back maybe after two or three days. Well, the fish will remain fresh because inside the container the ice is still present. Really a product that has pleasantly impressed us.

Coleman Xtreme 100

Coleman Xtreme 100

  • Ice chest with side handles
  • Capacity: 91 liters
  • Internal dimensions: 79 x 33 x 29 cm
  • Sturdy lid with four drink holders

Coleman Xtreme 100 QT: made with quality materials!

We have already praised the use of polyurethane as an insulating material, which is one of the features that makes this Coleman icebox so high performing. But we must also praise the more “complementary” structure, namely the hinges and screws. The Coleman Xtreme 100 QT icebox is not made with screws and hinges that even after a short time will rust. Not at all, because the material used is stainless steel.

On the other hand, this product is made by a brand, Coleman, that in the field of refrigeration is second to none and if you are a professional fisherman this is the icebox for you. Sure the cost is not cheap, we realize that, but if you want true quality, well you can’t help but go for the icebox in question. And before we move on to the final conclusions and review the price of the Xtreme 100qt, let’s find out the very latest features:

  • Convenient folding side handles: they make it easy to carry the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT icebox which, by the way, doesn’t weigh much despite being so capacious (weighing 7.6 kg).
  • Equipped with a drainage cap for ice.
  • Lid with 4 cup holders.
  • External dimensions of 92 x 42 x 44 cm.
  • Internal dimensions of 79 x 33 x 29 cm.

Coleman Xtreme 100 QT: price and final evaluation!

To whom do we recommend the purchase of the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT icebox?

To fishermen, those who travel often, campers or simply those who want to have an icebox to take with them in the car to defend themselves from the summer heat. It’s also useful for storing frozen foods bought at the supermarket, so you don’t have to run home worrying that the scorching heat will thaw them out.
But why the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT and not another model?
Because it’s a top quality icebox with a truly excellent cooling capacity, given that it can keep ice for up to 5 days. And considering the excellence of this product, the cost rather than seeming “high” to us, seems more than adequate[review it here]. Indeed it denotes the excellent value for money.

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