Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 QT icebox: ice for up to 5 days

We’ve already talked in the appropriate article about the extra advantages of buying a Coleman mini fridge. We can now summarize them simply by talking about a truly exceptional thermal insulation, since all the iceboxes of this brand are made with polyurethane (the best insulating material) and the cooling loss on both the lid and the bottom of the container has been reduced by 30%. All this means that the Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 QT icebox can keep the ice for a good 5 days. A result that is nothing short of exceptional and makes this portable mini freezer suitable for any occasion (fishing, camping, traveling, etc.).

COLEMAN Xtreme Marine, 70

COLEMAN Xtreme Marine, 70

  • Handles with ergonomic grip
  • Antimicrobial and UV protection
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Drain valve
  • 5 day performance

Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 QT: resists odours, mould and fungus!

How many times with a mini fridge after a while have we found ourselves with a container that stinks to high heaven?

Or maybe we have noticed, in even worse cases, the growth of fungi and mould?

It’s certainly not a pretty sight or smell, but over time unfortunately this is likely to happen. Instead, this is erased by the new antimicrobial linersin use at the Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 QT. These liners are made with an antimicrobial additive and there is no risk that after a series of washes or simply with scratches, that protection will be “washed away”.

And if you are thinking that maybe the additive used is harmful, we assure you that it is not, since the active ingredient used is also present in anti-dandruff shampoos. Not only in such products, but also in food additives, so we are also used to ingest this active ingredient without having any harm from it. Consequently, this substance is absolutely harmless both for us and for the environment.
And after having described this important and special feature, we just have to discover all the others:

  • Metal components made of high-quality stainless steel: so neither screws nor hinges will be able to rust.
  • UV inhibitor: this protects the cooler from the sun’s rays, so it will avoid yellowing and cracking. Phenomena that often occur, especially for those who use an icebox on a boat.
  • Internal capacity: 66 litres.
  • Equipped with drain valve.
  • External and internal dimensions: 72 x 40 x 44 cm – 61 x 30 x 33 cm.Weight: 6.1 kg.
  • Comfortable side handles.
  • Equipped with 4 cup holders: present on the lid (as visible in the image at the top of the product).
  • Also suitable as a “seat”.

Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 icebox: price and opinions!

There are very few words to describe the exceptional quality of this Coleman portable icebox. It would be enough to mention the ability to keep ice for up to 5 days, but this model offers even more thanks to the antimicrobial lining and UV protection. All of which makes this product a step up from most iceboxes on the market. And confirming this are also the enthusiastic comments of those who have already had a chance to buy the Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 QT icebox[find out about those comments here and review how much it costs].

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