Comfee HS65LN1WH: Excellent cooling capacity

Are you looking for a mini fridge that will do its job properly even if used in a place that is not exactly “cold”?

The inadequate cooling of drinks or dishes, when perhaps we take the mini fridge with us on a camping trip, is quite frequent. Maybe you leave the fridge in a sunny area with a temperature even above 30 degrees and with a bad fridge you can only expect a bad surprise. That is: the food and drinks inside have not been cooled. However, this will not happen with the Comfee HS65LN1WH since this product has avery good cooling capacity.(pyre with temperatures that are around 30-35°).

Comfee HS65LN1WH

Comfee HS65LN1WH

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Comfee HS65LN1WH mini fridge: place it anywhere!

In addition to the flaw of not cooling properly, some mini fridges have another one. They are terribly noisy.
A defect that may not even bother you if you use the mini fridge in a room you don’t live in every day (so not the kitchen, not the bedroom and not the living room where maybe we sit on the sofas to talk to friends and family).
If, however, we need the fridge to be used in the bedroom or perhaps at work in our office where we receive colleagues and clients, having an appliance that annoys even just talking is not really the best. That’s why we further recommend the purchase of the Comfee HS65LN1WH, since we’re talking about a really quiet appliance(39 db).
Before we move on to the description of further features, we point out that in this Comfeenonmodelthere is an internal light.

  • Energy class A+: consequently we are faced with a mini fridge that boasts a low energy consumption. The estimated consumption is about 0.29 kwh per day..
  • Equipped with a small freezer.
  • Product dimensions: height 48 cm, width 47 cm and depth of 44.5 cm (so we are referring to a very compact appliance).
  • Bottle compartment: where you can also put a 2-litre bottle upright.
  • Capacity of 50 litres.
  • Mini fridge with compressor also suitable for camping.

Comfee HS65LN1WH: price and final review

What is the reason for choosing to buy the mini fridge?

Well, the reason is represented by the need to take advantage of a small fridge that can provide us, when we want, cold drinks and food. That allows us to use it even at work or maybe in the bedroom, avoiding getting out of bed to go to the kitchen.

“But why do you prefer the Comfee HS65LN1WH over other mini fridges?”

Because this model is quiet and hasexcellent cooling capacity (hence we repeat that it is perfect for use by campers). Benefits you won’t be able to take advantage of with all models, as even today many of them are particularly noisy and don’t cool properly when exposed to a fairly high temperature environment.

After reading this review are you thinking of buying the Comfee HS65LN1WH mini fridge or, anyway, do you want to check the availability of the product in the meantime and then decide?

So, you can click here and check if the Comfee HS65LN1WH mini fridge is available and then eventually buy it.

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