DCG mini fridge: discovering the best models (and more)

Need a second spare fridge in your home? Or maybe you’re looking for a small fridge to install in your hotel guest rooms?

Whatever your need, DCG has the right solution.
In this article we’ll discover the different characteristics of DCG mini fridges, small appliances suitable for both domestic and professional use. Products of which we will alsodiscover the prices.

DCG fridge: prices of the best models

Let’s continue our article on DCG mini fridges showing you in the table below what we believe to be the best models of this brand. As you can see, in addition to the design of the product you can see the price of the same. If, however, you want to find out all the technical features and also want to discover any ratings provided by users who have purchased DCG mini fridges, then you’ll have to click on the “Discover the offer” links.

DCG mini fridge: the features

At the beginning of the article we wrote about how DCG mini fridges are suitable both for those who want a second fridge at home and for those who want a small fridge for their hotel guest rooms. And in that regard, there is a big difference to be made.

If you’re looking for a second home fridge, then you probably want a product that’s not exactly mini and maybe even has a freezer. Which is why in that case we recommend the DCG MF11O0CDP. This model boasts a total capacity of 68 liters, of which 32 liters only for the freezer. In appearance it is very reminiscent of a classic domestic refrigerator, except that it is obviously smaller in size(86 cm high).
This appliance boasts two removable internal grills that can be positioned at different heights. There is also a container for fruit and vegetables.
Opening the door on the inside you will also find an egg holder. And always on the subject of the door, we must specify that the opening is reversible. So you can decide whether to opt for a left or right opening.
Product that is part of the energy class A+. And if you’re interested in buying the DCG MF11O0CDP you can find out more about its price and features here.

If you’re looking for a mini electric fridge with a smaller capacity and suitable for use in hotels or b&b’s, then opt for the small DCG MF1050. It does not boast any freezer department, the noise level is not high and the internal grid can be positioned at different heights.
Aesthetically it is a normal mini fridge, the design does not excel for a particular elegance. And if you are intrigued by the DCG MF1050 cooler and want, therefore, to know more, click here.

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