Design mini fridge: a guide to the aesthetic choice

Today’s mini fridges are distinguished not so much by their additional functionality, since over time they have not introduced major innovations, but by their increasingly unique design. Sometimes elegant, sometimes with an eye to the past and sometimes simply very special.
In this article we want to recommend you some models based on their appearance, so for once we will leave out the technical features, but we will focus only on aesthetics.

Design of mini fridges: let’s discover the various “aspects”

Interested only in stylish-looking designer mini fridges? Or are you more of a vintage guy or gal?

You don’t care so much about classic or modern, you just want a product that’s really distinctive in shape?

We’ve combined several aesthetic tastes in our selections, so you’ll find the designer mini fridge that aesthetically suits your personal taste.

Vintage mini fridge: the “old” is always on trend

Fascination with the past is becoming more and more topical. In our article vintage mini fridge we talked about it in more detail, also recommending a series of products. However, in this article we suggest one in particular, namely the Klarstein Bella Ta verna (also called Mini Taverna). A small appliance (whose capacity is 4 liters) and can also be carried in the car since not only is it small in size, but you can also plug it into the 12 Volt outlet.

Stylish and modern mini fridge

Not interested in vintage looking mini fridges even though they are quite stylish?

Are you just looking for a modern looking cooler?

Then our advice is to go for products made by a specific brand, namely Klarstein. The mini fridges of this brand are really nice to look at with very neat shapes. An example is the Klarstein Manhattan or maybe the Klarstein Barolo and Vinovista Piccollo (the last two are perfect for wines, also because they are specifically wine coolers).
For further information you can read our article on Klarstein mini fridges.

Mini fridge in the shape of a can: the most particular ones

The can-shaped mini fridge are certainly the products with the most particular design. Among all, we can’t fail to mention the mini fridge that takes the shape of a Coca Cola can[see it here] even if on this model, unfortunately, we must say that it’s a bit too noisy and this makes it not entirely attractive (especially if you want to install it in the bedroom). Aesthetically, however, nothing to complain about.

Mini Coca Cola fridge

Another popular design is the Coca Cola one. In this case we are talking about refrigerators that vary in size but all have a common denominator, which is that they are red and all have the writing Coca Cola. But don’t be fooled by the writing, they are not always original products. And if you want to know more and also discover the models, you can read our article on mini Coca Cola fridges.

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