Dometic Bordbar AS 25: equipped with external pockets

The Dometic Bordbar AS 25 is a rather revolutionary mini fridge, not so much because it boasts innovative technological features, but because of its unexpected usefulness.
Are you going to the beach? Should you take your flip-flops with you to avoid the classic burning of your feet in the sand?
Don’t know where to put your car keys or house keys ?
Would you like to store your mobile phone in a safe place to avoid splashing water that could damage it?
Well, from now on you won’t have to put these things in a beach bag or even a fanny pack. You can put them directly into the Dometic Bordbar AS 25 fridge. Obviously not inside, but the fridge has external pockets where you can store various items, including those already mentioned but also many others.
An unexpected advantage when it comes to mini electric fridges and one that we particularly liked.

Dometic BordBar AS 25

Dometic BordBar AS 25

  • Thermoelectric fridge with automatic DC/AC switching, internal volume 20 litres, 12/230V power supply, refrigeration up to 18°C below room temperature (with a minimum of 3/5 °C),
  • Upright storage for 2-litre bottles, two zipped pockets, mesh cable compartment

Dometic Bordbar AS 25: Transport is always easy!

Some mini fridges are difficult to transport because of uncomfortable handles, others are difficult to carry in the car when there is no room in the boot. You may have to put them in the front or back seat but at the first braking it is likely that the fridge will fall. Well, that doesn’t happen with the Dometic Bordbar AS 25 thanks to the adjustable strap that anchors it to the seat. You can brake as much as you want, but the Dometic cooler certainly won’t fall.
While, hand carrying is facilitated by the ergonomic handle. Among other things, the same handle has the task of supporting the lid when it is opened.
Precised the aspect “transportability” we pass to all the other features:

  • Capacity of 25 liters: inside we can put vertically even 2-liter bottles.
  • Cooling capacity: up to -18 ° C compared to room temperature.
  • 12 Volt and 230 Volt power supply: this means that the Dometic Bordbar AS 25 can be used either by connecting it to the cigarette lighter of your car or to a socket in your house.
  • Dimensions and weight: 390 x 430 x 280 (W x H x L) – 3.8 kg.
  • Low energy consumption: class A++.
  • Thermostat to regulate internal temperature.

Portable fridge Dometic Bordbar AS 25: price and final opinion

The Dometic Bordbar AS 25 is a mini fridge ideal for those who travel or for those who want a cooler for their car trips (even if they are just working).
But why should you prefer it to other models on the market?
Because you can use it at home and outside (dual power supply), it consumes little (class A++) and, compared to other models, you can fix it to the car seat belt without the risk that the refrigerator can fall for a malpositioning. It’s also suitable for transporting 2-litre bottles upright.
For all these reasons we recommend the purchase and if you are interested in this product you can click here to review how much it costs and also check if it is still available today.

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