Dometic BordBar TB 08: up to 4 standing half-litre bottles

When you’re in the car, would you like to have a mini fridge that doesn’t take up much space and in which you can put up to 4 half-litre bottles?

That can cool them down properly, just to avoid drinking your favorite beverage at room temperature in the summertime?

The Dometic BordBar TB 08 is the smallest portable mini fridge with a refrigeration capacity of -20° C. So, you finally don’t have to drink water (or any other beverage) that isn’t cold in the summer anymore. And be careful: because it can hold up to 4 bottles of water of half a liter, but as for the cans, the maximum capacity is 33 cl. Bigger cans won’t fit.
You’ll be more than satisfied not only with the cooling capacity of the product, but also with its internal capacity.

Dometic BordBar TB 08

Dometic BordBar TB 08

  • Thermoelectric refrigerator for cooling and heating, internal volume 8 liters, 12v power supply, vertical placement for 0.33 cans and 0.5 liter bottles.

Dometic TB 08: portable refrigerator also for hot food!

What if you want to take hot food with you?

Do you want them to stay warm for as long as possible rather than having to eat or drink them cold?

With a normal portable fridge this would not be possible, so you would be forced to eat a cold dish that you want to enjoy hot. This is a problem that is eliminated with the Dometic TB 08 , as it has a Hot mode. It can heat up to a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius. Of course, we can’t expect the same utility as an oven, since its job is to keep food warm when set to this mode. Certainly not to make a cold dish warm.
And to learn even more about this excellent Dometic portable fridge, you just have to read the remaining features:

  • 12 Volt Power Supply.
  • Easy and safe fixing: the fixing can be done either with the shoulder strap with which the mini fridge Dometic BordBar TB 08 is equipped or with the car seat belts. The refrigerator is placed on the passenger seat and, regardless of the method used, there will be no danger that, at the first braking, it will end up on the ground.
  • Integrated cable compartment.
  • Easy-to-open lid with magnetic closure: just one hand to open or close it.
  • Capacity: 8 litres.
  • Net weight and dimensions: 3.2 kg – 442 x 298 x 200 (DxHxL).
  • Average consumption about 50 W.

Mini fridge Dometic BordBar TB 08: price and final opinion!

Why prefer the Dometic BordBar TB 08 to another portable refrigerator?

Because while maintaining the measures are not excessive, has an excellent internal capacity (four bottles of 0.5 liters). Moreover, it can be used not only for cold food but also for hot food. So, compared to many other portable refrigerators on the market, it is suitable for two purposes.

And if we add to all this a nice design and excellent refrigeration capacity, we have certainly found one of the best mini car fridge on the market. Also recommended by many other users who have already had a chance to buy it[find out such comments here].

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