Dometic ck40d: the hybrid with satisfactory performance

Why settle for just one type of portable refrigerator, when you can opt for a model that works in both thermoelectric and compressor modes?

With the Dometic ck40d you have this double advantage. It works in thermoelectric technology when you connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter socket (thus 12 volts) and in compressor technology by connecting it to a typical 220 volt socket. Consequently it can be used both as a mini room fridge and as a mini camping or car fridge.
The temperature can be regulated only when in “compressor” mode down to a minimum of -15°C and a maximum of 10°C. More than satisfactory refrigeration capacity. Nothing to do with some portable refrigerators that cool little and badly.
Among other things, the temperature level is visible on the precise digital display on the outside.
Satisfactory also the thermal insulation with rubber gasket that allows us to keep the Dometic ck40d off during the night without the risk that it can not keep the drinks cool enough. In thermoelectric mode the cooling is obviously less, but it is still able to keep the food cold.

Dometic CK40D Hybrid

Dometic CK40D Hybrid

  • Hybrid refrigerator with power supply 12 v (thermoelectric technology) and 220v (compressor technology)
  • Internal volume about 38 liters
  • 12/230V power supply
  • Chill function, vertical placement for 2 l bottles
  • Suitable for use at home or in the car

Dometic CoolFun ck40d: It’s really roomy!

Forget about those portable fridges whose internal capacity leaves a lot to be desired. The Dometic ck40d not only cools optimally, you can also fit more drinks or food inside.
And usually one of the most common problems with mini fridges is that you can’t fit 2-litre bottles upright. Well, in this case you can easily put them and about 6 or 8 can fit (and this depends on their size, since they are not all the same despite the same capacity).
“But only fridge food?”
No, also freezer products, just select the desired temperature level and the small fridge turns into a freezer (obviously only if connected to a 220 Volt socket).
And what other features distinguish the Dometic ck40d portable refrigerator?The following:

  • Noise level 46 db: a bit noisy when running on the compressor. So the advice is not to use it in the bedroom if you do not tolerate even the slightest noise, and then might as well unplug it also because (as specified before) the Dometic refrigerator maintains temperatures well thanks to excellent thermal insulation.
  • Side handles for transport: fridge transportable by one person and if we really have to look at the hair, well the handles could be more robust and ergonomic.
  • Power consumption: 65 watts.
  • Energy class: A++.
  • Weight: about 22 kg.
  • Internal volume: 38 litres.
  • 12 V and 220 V sockets already included.

Dometic CoolFun ck40d: price and review

Why do you prefer the Dometic CoolFun ck40d to another portable mini fridge?

Because this is a hybrid model that can work with both compressor and thermoelectric technology, then suitable for dual use (12 Volt and 220 Volt). Moreover, in spite of other products, it allows you to put even 2-liter bottles upright, cooling them down properly thanks to its excellent refrigeration capacity. Not to mention the level of thermal insulation really satisfactory, as also highlighted by users who have already purchased it[as you can read here].
The only negative points of this portable fridge Dometic are the handles and the weight of the product is not insignificant.

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