Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26: usable both in the car and at home

Need a mini fridge to take with you in the car?

A fridge that isn’t too bulky but can hold at least two 1.5-litre bottles standing up?

One that cools excellently and can also be used as a freezer?

The Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26 answers all these questions more than positively. You can use it in the car via the cigarette lighter socket (already included) (if you buy the adapter for 220 V connection you can also use it at home).
The internal volume is 21.5 liters and is suitable to accommodate, as written before, two bottles of 1.5 liters or maybe 6 bottles of 50 cl. Specifically, the internal measurements are: 350 mm (height) and 285 mm (depth). There is also another internal compartment, smaller, which measures 182 mm in height and 123 mm in depth.
Another very convincing feature of the Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26 is its refrigeration capacity down to -18°C. It only takes a few minutes to cool down a drink properly.

Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26

Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26

  • Portable compressor fridge/freezer able to operate from -18°C to +10°C
  • Internal volume 21, 5 liters of which 4 liters stay fresh
  • Power supply 12/24V
  • Light and compact compressor, vertical placement for 2 litre bottles, display for temperature setting
  • Suitable for in-car use
  • Note: To operate the device with AC mains power, we recommend using one of the following rectifiers: 220-240V: coolPower EPS 100 and 110-240V: CoolPower MPS35

Dometic Coolfreeze 26 – also useful for freezing!

Would you like to take a frozen product with you, but you are afraid that the fridge is not able to maintain the right temperature?

In that case you don’t have to fear that, because just set the temperature below zero and you’ll be able to take a freezer product with you as well. Appreciable ability given that many mini fridges, although equipped with a freezer, can only keep a frozen foodif connected to a 220 Volt outlet. Not however the Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26 which succeeds in this even when plugged into a 12 volt socket. Yet another reason why it is a popular product[read more opinions here].
Want to know even more about the Coolfreeze cdf 26?
Below is a comprehensive list of its features:

  • Product dimensions: 550 x 425 x 260 mm.
  • Net weight: 12 kg.
  • 4 glass holders: the lid has 4 convenient spaces on its surface where you can put your glasses so they don’t fall off.
  • Equipped with extractable basket.
  • Adjustable temperature: this parameter can be viewed directly on the digital display located on the outside (really intuitive control panel).
  • Absolutely silent operation.
  • Dometic mini fridge with compressor.
  • Energy class A++.

Portable fridge Coolfreeze cdf 26: final opinion

Do we recommend or not the purchase of the portable fridge Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26?

Yes, we recommend it to those who are looking for a fridge large enough, that cools quickly (it is precisely the refrigeration capacity the aspect that most convinced us in this product) and that can also be used to keep frozen foods.
Remember that you just need to buy the adapter to be able to use it by connecting it to a 220 volt outlet (otherwise, of course, you can only use it with 12 V socket that is already included).

The Dometic Coolfreeze cdf 26 is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a mini fridge that can provide the right coolness during long car trips. Also suitable for camping or on the beach (in such cases to maintain more cold temperature is advisable to put the ice inside).

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