Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28: as if it were the fridge at home

The Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28 is not the usual portable car fridge. In this case we are faced with a product that we could define another category. Absolutely professional and with capacities far greater than those of a classic mini fridge.
And what are these definitely higher capacities?
The CFX technology and the turbo function.
With the first, you get a refrigeration capacity that exceeds all expectations. The fridge is able to cool down to -22°C regardless of whether it is connected to a 12-volt or a 220-volt socket. Obviously, in the second case it is faster, but even if you carry it in the car you will have the distinct feeling of having the refrigerator with you.
With the Turbo function, on the other hand, the refrigerator accelerates the cooling process automatically if, after a short period of time, the desired temperature has not yet been reached. Increasing the speed of the compressor certainly increases consumption, but it is here that yet another advantage comes into play. The Turbo will not stay on all the time, once the desired temperature is reached it switches off automatically.

Dometic CFX 28

Dometic CFX 28

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Coolfreeze cfx 28: powerful yes, but does not consume so much!

We initially appreciated the excellent refrigeration capacity of the Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28, so much so that we reiterate how this mini fridge is able to match the performance of a stationary fridge. But there’s another piece of data that really convinced us and that’s the energy consumption. You might expect high power consumption given the large refrigeration capacity, but this is not the case. The consumption is really low, so much so that at AC power consumption is 0.18 kWh and DC power consumption is 0.27 kWh.
Dometic is so attentive to energy saving that it has equipped the Coolfreeze cfx 28 with an internal LED light.
This much to say about the “energy consumption” factor, for all other features you can read the list below.

  • Capacity of 26 liters.
  • Also suitable for freezing.
  • Suitable for operation with solar energy.
  • Digital temperature indicator: the temperature can be easily set using the intuitive control panel.
  • Equipped with removable basket and Stay Fresh compartment (where to put fruit and vegetables).
  • Space-saving handles: not only do they allow easy transport of the Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28, but they are also foldable and removable so as not to be a hindrance when storing the refrigerator.
  • Usb port: allows you to recharge small electronic devices (such as mobile phones).
  • Heavy Duty Design: Sturdy structure consisting of reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a durable lid, all to ensure the right resistance to stress due to transport.
  • Standing bottles: as long as the height does not exceed 345 mm.
  • Power supply 12/24 Dc and 100/240 V AC.
  • Fridge dimensions and net weight: 620 x 425 x 342 mm – 13.1 kg.
  • Portable mini fridge without noise.

Portable fridge Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28: price and final opinion

If you are looking for a portable fridge that is as efficient as the one at home, with the Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28 your expectations will be absolutely fulfilled.
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this is a Dometic product that is in another category. Really exceptional in cooling food. As a result, it is a choice that we recommend to those who go fishing, those who do long days of camping or even just those who go to the beach and want a fridge that does not suffer too much from the outside temperatures, although not electrically powered.
The final price is obviously not low, but we would have been surprised otherwise. The Dometic Coolfreeze cfx 28 is a professional portable fridge and it’s normal that it’s expensive, but the performance is really excellent [as confirmed also by the experiences you can discover in this page].

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