Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40W: not the “usual” portable fridge

Are you looking for a portable refrigerator that allows you to properly cool the food inside, even if the temperature outside is really tropical?

With the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40W, you don’t just get a cooler with excellentthermal insulation andexcellent cooling capacity (even down to -22°C, so it’s also suitable as a freezer). What this impressive refrigerator offers is CFX technology.

How many times, despite having set the thermostat, has the fridge still failed to cool food properly?

How many times have we had to wait far too long for the drinks inside the fridge to really cool down properly?

Too many times (in our experience), but now this is just a distant memory. With the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40W you simply set the temperature that should be reached. If after a while this is not reached, the fridge rather than doing nothing, activates the Turbo function so as to increase the speed of the compressor and cool the drinks quickly.
And be careful, because once the temperature is reached, you don’t have to worry about the turbo staying on. No and again no, the turbo automatically turns off when the desired temperature is reached.
In short, the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40 is anything but an ordinary portable fridge.

Dometic Coolfreeze CFX40

Dometic Coolfreeze CFX40

  • Ability to operate from -22 ° C to +10 ° C
  • Internal volume approx. 38 litres, of which 7 litres in the Stay Fresh compartment
  • Power supply 12/24/230V
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for use at home or in the car

Dometic Coolfreeze CFX40: silent and energy-saving fridge!

As you have already understood from the initial description, the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40W is not the classic portable refrigerator; it is a product that in sports jargon we could call “another category” for how innovative and efficient.
Rightly so though, the “turbo” factor may make you think, “But won’t it be noisy?”
No, it’s not even noisy. Despite being a compressor fridge with turbo functionality it proves to be quieter than other electric mini chillers.
“What about on the consumption front are we looking at a product that will put a burden on your utility bill?
Again there is good news to be had here. The Dometic Coolfreeze CFX40 mini fridge doesn’t consume as much also because it’s an A++ class device (almost the best you could wish for on the energy saving front).
And after talking about these other two advantages, it’s time to evaluate all the other features of the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40W.

  • Internal volume of 38 liters.
  • Also suitable for use with solar panels.
  • Power supply: 12-24 Volts (DC) – 100-240 Volts (AC).
  • Temperature range: -22°C to +10°C.
  • USB charging port: suitable for example for charging mobile phones.
  • Memory: saves the last settings so you don’t have to reset them every time.
  • Robust design: boasts numerous heavy-duty elements, i.e. reinforced corners (to avoid the usual dents), durable stainless steel hinges and the lid is also heavy-duty.
  • Dimensions and weight: 398 x 461 x 692 mm – 18.5 kg.
  • Condensate drainage through condensation holes.
  • Protection against undervoltage and against polarity reversal.
  • Refrigeration temperature can also be controlled via wifi (by downloading the appropriate App on your mobile phone).
  • Internal led light.
  • Removable handles for easy transport of the mini fridge Dometic.

Coolfreeze CFX 40W Dometic: opinions

Why choose the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40W and not another 38 liter portable fridge?

Well, we find the answer in this one statement: “Do you want the same cooling capacity in a portable model as in a classic home refrigerator?”
If the answer is yes, you have found the mini fridge that is right for you. It’s a whole different kettle of fish compared to other coolers on the market and, of course, this can only affect the final price. But those who have bought it[here you can read the opinions and review the price] have been more than satisfied and have certainly not regretted their purchase.

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