Dometic mini fridge: lines and models

The Dometic mini fridge is very appreciated for its really advanced features, as well as for a design that allows you to take advantage of compact and very stylish products. We will analyze both these aspects in our article, where you will also have the opportunity to discover the best mini fridge of this brand. We will also distinguish the different commercial lines and there will also be space to talk about the wine coolers and to show you the prices.

Dometic portable fridge: prices of the best models

In the table below we have selected the best Dometic mini fridge. And, as you can see, the prices are immediately visible. If, however, you want to find out the technical characteristics of the product and also the comments of users who are already using just these three mini fridges, click on the links “Discover the offer”.

Dometic trivalent fridge: the models with triple power supply

We talked at the beginning of the article that Dometic is an “advanced” brand, well this amply proves it thanks to the mini trivalent fridge.
What is meant by “trivalent”?
It means that the fridge can be powered by both 12 Volt and 230 Volt sockets but also by gas (as the Dometic Combicool rc 1200 egp demonstrates). As a result you can benefit from this product in all circumstances. Among other things, the three-way models have a robust aluminium box.
We recommend the purchase of these Dometic mini fridges to lovers of camping, the sea, etc., in short, to those who love the outdoors and want to be able to always count on cold food and drinks.

Dometic refrigerator: the lines

Having spoken of the novelty of the mini fridge trivalent, we will now deal with the different commercial lines. We’re going to describe them all and for each we will have the opportunity to analyze the strength or strengths. So you can get an idea of which one best meets your needs.

Dometic TropiCool mini fridge: also for heating

Would you like a portable fridge that can be used both to cool and to keep food warm?

Then one of the Dometic mini fridges belongs to the TropCool line. Since these models perform both cooling and heating action. There is also the possibility to regulate the internal temperature and thanks to the Memory function the last data set will be saved.
And if you want to find out the prices of these TropiCool mini fridges you can click here.

Dometic Bordbar Mini Fridge: Car Models

This line deals with on-board mini fridges, meaning they are suitable for use in the car thanks to the 12V connection. In addition, the shoulder strap allows you to place them firmly on the passenger seat. There are also cup holders so we will always know where to put them once we stop drinking. Among the best models we recommend Dometic Bordbar TC08.

Dometic CoolFreeze mini fridge: also for freezing

Not only cool, but also freeze?

Then the right solution for you is the CoolFreeze mini fridge. Models that can reach a temperature of -15°C. On the market there are products with different internal capacities (depending on this they will be more or less voluminous) and if you want to discover the best (in our opinion) click here.

Dometic Eco Absorption mini fridge: silent absorption

The mini fridges in this line are not noisy at all thanks to the new silent absorption technology. It also boasts a control technology (Fuzzy Logic) of energy consumption, so as to minimize consumption.
Another feature that can’t help but make many of us happy is the automatic defrost.
From the point of view of design, there are both models with a classic decorative panel and with a glass door. The hinges are reversible, so the doors can be mounted with the appropriate opening to our needs.

Dometic mini drawer refrigerator: Drawer line

Space problems?

No idea where to put the fridge?

With a Dometic mini drawer fridge you can save space, as these models are particularly compact and perfect for built-in installation (not suitable for floor mounting). Space is also saved by the practical sliding opening.
Some models boast an additional mini drawer for snacks or small bottles.

Dometic Classic Line mini refrigerator: the “classic” design models

The Dometic Classic Line mini refrigerators include some of the features already mentioned for the Eco Absorption line models. Specifically, we are referring to silent absorption technology and automatic defrosting. The main difference, therefore, lies in the design, which in the Dometic mini fridges of this line is more “classic”. And for some it may be less elegant.

Dometic Eco NTE mini fridge: class A+ models

The Dometic Eco NTE mini fridges are appreciated for their low energy consumption, it’s no coincidence that we’re talking about models that belong to class A+. For the rest, even in this case there is no lack of the automatic defrost function and they are still silent absorption products. So, they are not annoying.

Dometic Hypro Mini Fridge Bars

The Hypro mini bars are perfect minibars which, thanks to the practical bottle holder, allow you to put a 1.5-litre bottle upright inside. These are also silent absorption products and thanks to the Funny Logic system consumption is reduced. In addition, through controlled refrigeration you can monitor the efficiency of the mini fridge.

Dometic Silencio Mini Fridge: For Food

Well, you can certainly tell from the name that these mini fridges are silent, but they also stand out for their excellent refrigeration capacity (since they can reach a temperature of -4°C even if it’s 32°C outside) and their white design. Models designed for food storage.

Dometic mini fridge for medicines: Silencio HC

With the Silencio HC line we no longer deal with drinks and food, but with medicines. These are refrigerators that are only suitable for medical use. They are equipped with an integrated fan to maintain the temperatures and, if the door is left open for 20 seconds, there will be a special acoustic signal to warn us of this inconvenience.

Dometic wine cellars: the characteristics

We point out immediately that not all wine cellars Dometic boast of the really mini size, so you’ll have to pay attention to the data relating to the measures of these products. As further proof of this we can say that some models can hold up to 165 bottles of 75 cl.
That said, these products are certainly distinguished by the design than the mini fridge described above, since all models boast a front window. Some of them have two temperature zones, so you can cool two products at a different temperature (these are also the largest Dometic wine coolers).

They are also easy to use thanks to the practical touch control panel with LED display.
In order to further protect the wine we are going to put inside, the wine cellars have a UV glass door.
And, if you are interested, you can discover the model we have selected here.

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