Electric mini bar fridge: prices, reviews and buying guide

The need for an electric mini bar fridge arises when, for example, you want to have a cooler in your bedroom from which to take drinks and fresh food. So you don’t have to get out of bed to go to the kitchen and get everything from the classic fridge.
The different features of the small electric fridge make it suitable for car transport, but in this case other important aspects should be evaluated, which we will discuss in the course of the article. And that’s not all we’re going to write about, as you’ll be able to find out (a little further down) about tempting offers, reviews of the models we recommend and also the general characteristics to evaluate before buying (a suitable guide for those who are not very knowledgeable on this subject).

Electric mini fridge: reviews of recommended models

In the bulleted list, which you’ll see in just a few lines, you can read about the best electric mini fridges we recommend you buy. Based on the brief descriptions that you will find next to each product, you will already have an idea of how suitable the mini fridge is for your purpose. Then simply click on the appropriate link to find out everything about the cooler of your choice.

  • Klarstein Bella Taverna (vintage design, 4 litre capacity and 12/220 Volt power supply).
  • Mobicool F16 (15 litre capacity and 12/220 Volt power supply).
  • Candy CFO 050 E (capacity of 43 litres and energy class A+).
  • Ardes ar5i67 (67 litres capacity and 220/240 Volt power supply).
  • Klarstein PopArt (90s design and 108 litre capacity)
  • Candy CCTOS 542XH (capacity of 109 litres including 14 litre freezer).

Electric mini fridge for the home or portable? Both too!

There are mini bar fridges that have a double plug, so you can connect them to both the car and the home socket. These models are a perfect choice for those who are interested in a cooler to keep at home but that is also useful in case of a trip or camping. And among the models with dual power supply we mention for example the Mobicool V30 AC/DC (capacity of 29 liters) and the Mobicool B40 AC DC (capacity of 38 liters).

Small bar fridge: features to evaluate

The mini bar fridge is ideal for every area of the house. The varied design (from vintage to more modern style) makes it perfect for every room. This cooler does not differ much from the mini bar fridge present, in fact, in the special rooms. It differs only in the smaller capacity, but performs the same important function, that is to cool your drinks or any other dish you want to put inside. In addition, some models are equipped with a hot-cold function, so you can heat as well as cool.
Let’s find out in more detail what features to look out for.

Watch out for noise and where you put the fridge!

The mini electric fridge plugs into a 220/240 Volt socket (unless it’s only a 12 Volt model) so, for example, you can put it in your living room, so while you’re watching the game on TV with your friends you can drink cold beers. And also in case the fridge makes noise, well in the living room it would be a bearable annoyance.
If, however, you want to put the bar fridge in your bedroom, then the “noise” problem might not let you fall asleep. So, consider that parameter carefully.

Mini fridge bar with freezer or not?

Some mini fridge bars come with a freezer. So if you are always in the same living room, always in the company of friends, rather than beers you can pull out from the cooler some ice creams, for example. Surely the mini fridge with freezer gives an extra advantage, but is it really useful? Think again, also because a fridge with freezer (with the same features) has a higher cost.

Electric mini fridge with or without compressor?

Let’s specify the following: with a bar fridge with a compressor you will have a higher cooling temperature than with a model without. This brings an advantage, but at the same time a disadvantage, namely more noise.

If you want more space, remove the shelf (if possible)!

Mini fridges are also equipped with special shelves where you can put drinks and food. If the shelves are removable they allow you to better organize the space inside the cooler. For example, if a particular drink doesn’t fit, you can remove or move the shelves to fit your favourite drink.

Better with an internal light?

It’s not a fundamental feature, but if you want your small appliance, once opened, to illuminate the contents inside, then opt for models with an internal light. They are especially useful for “midnight wolves”, hungry for fresh food and drinks on the hottest summer nights (so they can “steal” the stolen goods without having to turn on the bedroom light and being discovered by their “enemy”, i.e. their sleeping partner).

Watch out for the savings class!

The more you want to save, the more you have to spend. It seems almost a paradox, but it is exactly so. The best saving classes are those belonging to A. Buying, for example, the mini fridge with class A++ will cost a lot at the beginning, but in the long run you will save on bills and you will have an economic return.
Among the most energy efficient models we suggest: Mobicool Q40 (A++) and Severin KS 9827 (A+)

Coca Cola Mini Fridge Bar: the models of the “red drink”

For Coca Cola lovers, there are also small red refrigerators on the market with the emblem of your beloved soft drink. The difference compared to a normal cooler is only from the aesthetic point of view, for the rest nothing changes at all.
And if you want to know more you can see the article Coca Cola mini fridge.

Mini fridge bar: prices

How much can a mini fridge bar cost?
It depends on its capacity, power and whether it is equipped with a freezer and compressor (and not only). There are many functions and features to evaluate, but certainly on the market you can opt for both cheap refrigerators[likethis one] and not.

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