Electric Portable Fridge: Reviews, deals and type selection

When you go on holiday or simply travel long distances by car, especially in summer, you feel the need for a cool drink. Often you stop at the first autogrill to buy a small bottle of water. It’s a shame that if you don’t drink it immediately, after a few minutes its refreshing power diminishes. That’s why (and not only) a portable mini fridge is a good idea.
Even better if you leave from home with a full supply of everything you need, rather than getting fleeced at the autogrill. Obviously, the bigger the cooler the more stuff you can put in it.
That’s the “presentation” of the electric portable fridge, now we’ll get into the heart of our article covering various topics, including offers and recommended models.

Portable fridge: reviews of recommended models

Let’s go now to the reviews concerning the mini portable refrigerator that we recommend to buy. To read the reviews just click on the links below. From the initial descriptions of the coolers you can already understand which model can do more to your case (certainly one of the most important parameters and that makes a difference is the capacity).

  • Mobicool T08 DC (mini fridge with 12 Volts and a capacity of 8 liters).
  • Giostyle Bravo 25 (line of portable electric and/or passive mini fridges, 22 litre capacity).
  • Giostyle Shiver 26 (passive and electric mini fridge, capacity 26 litres).
  • Mobicool V30 (mini fridge 12 and 230V, capacity 29 litres).
  • Mobicool B40 (mini fridge with dual electric power supply and 8 litre capacity).

Electric portable refrigerator: both 12 Volt and 220 Volt models!

Classic portable coolers do not need to be electrically connected. You only need to put the ice inside. However, if you want a model with a higher cooling capacity, then you should opt for the 12V mini fridge. It is even better if the same product also has a connection for 220/240 Volt sockets. Among the portable mini fridges with dual power supply we suggest the Mobicool brand coolers (of which we have already recommended several models).
Also this time we want to give you some buying suggestions by mentioning the Mobicool K30 mini fridge (29 litres), the Mobicool Q40 (38 litres) and the Mobicool W48 (48 litres).

Portable trivalent fridge: the type you can use anywhere!

If the portable 12V and 220V electric mini-fridges have already achieved great versatility of use, since they can be used both indoors and outdoors, with the trivalent models you reach the maximum versatility. In fact, these coolers can not only be connected to the 12V and 220V socket, but are also gas-powered. So very suitable for campsites, for example.
And among the most popular models we suggest Dometic Combicool rc 12 egp.

Portable electric mini fridges hot/cold: the models with dual utility!

Some portable coolers come with a hot-cold function, so you can keep your baby’s bottle or some other food to drink or eat warm. Of course you can’t expect the heating function to be phenomenal (we’re still talking about refrigerators, albeit small) but it adequately performs its task.
Among the models equipped with this dual functionality we suggest, for example, Dometic Bordbar TB 08.

Portable electric refrigerators: prices

We have seen the different features of a mini electric portable refrigerator. Obviously, values such as capacity and level of cooling (and not only these) can change depending on the model purchased and consequently also varies the final purchase price.
So, an electric mini portable fridge can cost either very little or a bit too much if you’re looking for a cheap product. Obviously, it will be up to you to evaluate the final cost according to your needs[click here to evaluate the electric model we recommend].

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