Gio Style mini fridge: features and prices of models

One of the most popular brands in the refrigeration sector is Gio’style, an Italian brand that sells both 12 Volt and 220 Volt portable refrigerators. Some of the models marketed also boast a dual power supply. In our article, we’ll take a closer look at the various Gio’Style mini f ridges, not only looking at their features, but also at their prices.

Gio’Style mini fridge: prices of the best models

Our article continues with a selection of the best Giostyle mini fridges. Of some of them you can also read a special review where all the features will be described and the price will also be shown. If you’re interested in evaluating them only from an economic point of view, then just view the prices in the table below.

Gio Style portable fridge with dual power supply: features and lines

Of the Gio’Style portable coolers we can appreciate two different product lines: Shiver and Bravo.
We will focus on the minimal differences between these two lines in the next paragraph, but now we want to talk about the common features. Well, the models of the two lines are in polypropylene (so no hygienic problems with the contact with food). It will be possible to select the power level (when connected to a 230 V outlet). It will not be possible to make this change if connected to a 12 Volt socket.

Very low consumption, also because we are talking about products that boast an energy class higher than or equal to A.
The energy class parameter as well as the capacity of the product, the refrigeration capacity, the dimensions, etc., vary according to the mini fridge. The energy class parameter, as well as the product’s capacity, refrigeration capacity, dimensions, etc., vary according to the Gio Style Shiver or Bravo mini fridge you decide to purchase.
In the next paragraph, however, we will discover the differences between Bravo and Shiver models or you can already read two reviews: GioStyle Bravo 25 (line of both electric and passive mini-bars with a maximum capacity of 22 liters) and GioStyle Shiver 26 (electric mini-bar, also for cars, of 26 liters).

Gio Style Shiver and Gio Style Bravo: the differences

You shouldn’t expect too many differences between the two lines of Giostyle mini fridges, because in reality they are very similar products, except for a purely aesthetic difference. The Gio Style Bravo mini fridges are very similar to the more classic portable fridges of the past, while the Shiver models are more modern. And to get a clear idea of these differences, you can click here to evaluate one of the Giostyle Shiver line models and you can click here to evaluate one of the Bravo line models.

We would also like to point out that for both lines there are passive Gio’Style mini fridges. Passive means all those portable fridges that can cool food only if you put ice inside. So they do not have an electric motor that allows them, independently, to cool the drinks or food we put inside.

Gio Style car fridge: the characteristics

The only difference between a portable mini fridge Gio’style and models suitable for the car, is the possibility to connect, the latter, only and exclusively to a 12 Volt socket. There are no other differences and for this reason our advice is to opt for the models suitable for connection to a 230 Volt socket.

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