Giostyle Bravo 16: cool drinks for up to 13 hours

Are you looking for a classic passive fridge that’s affordable?

Refrigerator that can keep food cold inside for a long time?

With a robust design?

Then the Giostyle Bravo 16 is for you. A passive refrigerator that can keep food cold for several hours. For example, using two 400 Gio’Style ice tiles keeps drinks cool for up to 13 hours. Of course, this is a general figure, because as we know, the duration of cooling in a passive fridge also depends a lot on where it is placed (whether in the shade or not), how many times we open the lid and the outside temperature.

Giostyle Bravo 16

Giostyle Bravo 16

Gio’style Bravo 16 passive fridge: suitable for food use!

When you buy an economical mini fridge it is logical to ask yourself: “Does it cost so little that maybe there is a catch underneath”. One of the tricks could be that of a product made with rather shoddy materials and, in the worst case, made with materials not suitable for food contact. So harmful elements for our health. But with Giostyle Bravo 16 there is nothing to fear because it is made with polypropylene, one of the most used materials because there is no contraindication.

The external design is sturdy and this makes it ideal for those who travel or for those who simply want to take it to the sea so as to have with them all the freshness they need. Without the need to spend big bucks just for a bottle of cold water to buy at the beach.
Having clarified the “design” aspect, we now come to all the other features of the Gio’style Bravo 16:

  • Retractable plastic handle: this allows you to store the GioStyle mini fridge without it being an encumbrance or increasing the volume of the cooler.
  • Fridge dimensions: 38 x 25,6 x 33 cm (WxDxH).
  • Internal capacity of 19.5 litres: always consider that ice tiles must be placed inside, so they too will take up space and reduce the total volume.
  • Lightweight: the empty fridge weighs 1.5 kg.

Bravo 16 mini fridge: price and final opinion

When do you prefer the classic passive fridge to the electric one?

When you want to spend less (electric ones cost more for obvious reasons) and when you prefer a cooler that you can use anywhere without worrying about the energy source to power it up. Passive refrigerators are also lighter.
Why do you prefer the Gio’style Bravo 16 to other 19.5 litre passive models?Because it is particularly economical[review the price here and find out if the cooler is available], it boasts a robust design and thanks to the retractable handle it doesn’t take up too much space either.
If, however, you are interested in a larger product, then we can recommend the Giostyle Bravo 25.

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