Giostyle Fiesta 25: the bottles can be placed vertically

Are you looking for an inexpensive passive fridge that allows you to fit 2 liter and 1.5 liter bottles inside upright?

This of standing bottles is an issue found in many mini fridges. Often and unwillingly the coolers are not large enough. This is a problem above all in terms of logistics. Putting them upright allows us to optimise the space inside, but if they don’t fit you have to put them horizontally.

But why, we also want to talk about those mini-fridges in which the bottles do not even fit horizontally? And we are forced to put them at an angle?

How much space do we waste with an oblique bottle! A lot, far too much. With the Giostyle Fiesta 25 there are no such problems because the 1.5 litre bottles all fit vertically. Even 2-litre bottles fit vertically, but since manufacturers are increasingly indulging in bottle heights, it could happen that a 2-litre bottle will not fit vertically unless you force the lid a little.
Update: As of today, the electric version of the Fiesta 25 is also available.

Gio Style Fiesta 25 passive fridge: up to 14 hours of freshness!

Another problem with mini passive fridges: the duration of freshness. If the insulation is not sufficiently effective, there is a risk that after just a few hours the food inside is not edible or, in the case of drinks, undrinkable. This does not happen with Giostyle Fiesta 25. Insert two Gio’style 400 ice tiles inside and the cooling performance can reach up to 14 hours.
Having assessed the performance, you can now evaluate the remaining features of this mini passive fridge:

  • Dimensions: 38 x 25 x 38 cm.
  • Lightweight: the Gio Style mini fridge weighs just 1.96 kg.
  • Internal volume of 22.5 liters: and not 25 liters as we often read as a description on other sites.
  • Ergonomic handle with hermetic closure: prevents the loss of freshness inside the fridge due to drafts. Among other things, the handle is retractable so as not to be a clutter in case of storage.

Gio’style Fiesta 25 electric mini fridge: what does the new version change?

What mainly changes between the passive Fiesta 25 and the electric one is the greater cooling power of the latter compared to the former. In fact, the electric model (it can be connected only to a 12 Volt socket) is able to cool even below 13°C compared to the room temperature. As a result, it is ideal for long car trips.
However, when you take it with you, perhaps to the beach, remember that you should also put ice inside to keep food cold for a long time.
Another difference concerns the cost, the Gio’Style 25 Fiesta electric boasts a higher price[as you can see here].

Fiesta 25 passive mini fridge: price and opinions

Why do you prefer the Giostyle Fiesta 25 to other 22.5 litre passive mini fridges?Because even 2-litre bottles fit vertically inside and because it boasts excellent thermal insulation. The final cost also convinces us. In short, with the Fiesta 25 mini fridge we are faced with a cooler with good value for money[find out here if it is still available and what people who have already bought it think].

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