Giostyle Shiver 26: Eco, Cool and Plus modes

Traditional mini fridges do not allow you to change the refrigeration capacity. The more advanced ones, on the other hand, allow you to choose between maximum power and Eco mode. And then there’s the Giostyle Shiver 26, which allows three distinct settings that are also indicated by a special LED. For maximum refrigeration capacity you must activate the Plus mode (indicated by a red LED), for an intermediate capacity you must opt for the Cool mode (orange LED), while for greater energy savings you must choose the Eco mode (green LED). In addition to a higher/lower power and a higher/lower energy consumption, depending on the chosen mode there will also be a higher/lower noise level.

Gio' Style Shiver 26L

Gio’ Style Shiver 26L

  • Electric refrigerator of energy class A + + +, CFC-free and satisfying the regulation N ° 643 of the European Commission
  • Cools for a long time thanks to EPS insulation and integrated rubber edges for a hermetic seal
  • Cools down to 18 degrees below room temperature
  • Accommodates 2 litre bottles

Gio’Style Shiver 26: mini fridge even for the car!

Why do we have to put ice inside the fridge when we travel, otherwise it won’t be able to keep the food cold inside? Wouldn’t it be better if this could be avoided?

And so it will be with the Giostyle Shiver 26 since this portable mini fridge can also be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter socket.
So, there will be no more worries that the small cooler, if the trip is too long, will not be able to keep cold the drinks inside.
And before moving on to all the other features of this Gio’Style mini fridge, we want to point out that when connected to the 12 Volt socket, the product works only at full power (so no Eco and Cool modes).

  • Capacity of 26 liters: to fully understand the good internal capacity, we must point out that you can fit up to 38 cans. Also ideal for putting inside 2-liter bottles.
  • Cooling capacity: minus 18° C compared to room temperature.
  • Dimensions and weight of the mini fridge: 39,5 x 29,5 x 45 cm – 4,42 kg.
  • Very low energy consumption: we are talking about an electric mini fridge belonging to energy class A+++.
  • Practical handle for easy transport.
  • Absolutely silent in Eco mode.

Mini fridge Giostyle Shiver 26: price and final opinion

Why do you prefer the Gio Style Shiver 26 mini fridge to other portable models?

In our opinion there are only two reasons.
The first is the possibility to choose between 3 different refrigeration modes. Considering that most mini fridges can only guarantee a double choice and some not even that, this already seems like a great advantage.

Moreover, thanks to the possibility to connect it to the 12 Volt socket, you are no longer forced to put a lot of ice inside for fear that the cooler can not keep the food cold during a long car trip.
And if we add to these two advantageous features that the price[visible here] is more than relevant to the value of the product, well our final opinion can only be positive and we can only recommend the purchase.

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