Green mini fridge: the models we recommend to buy

Let’s find out in this article the green mini fridge that most captured our attention, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also because they boast a good value for money. You will have the opportunity not only to know the technical characteristics of these products, but through links you will be redirected to the Amazon site so you can also know the price and provide, if interested, the purchase.
But before all that, below we will show you some offers.

Vintage green 4-liter mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Bella Taverna

Aesthetically, the Klarstein Bella Taverna wins you over with its “antique” charm. It is ideal for those who do not need a mini fridge too large (internal volume of 4 liters) and for those who do not want to give up a cooler with vintage charm. And be careful, because the Bella Taverna is also suitable for heating. So, it boasts a double functionality. Double functionality that also concerns the type of power supply, since you can connect it both to the 12 Volt cigarette lighter socket of your car and to the 230 Volt socket at home.
Model available in several colors, in addition to green[discover here the charm of this mini fridge].

Green 14-litre stationary mini fridge: we recommend the Mobicool F16

The Mobicool F16 is a green mini fridge to be used only at home, in fact it can only be powered by 230 Volts. The internal space is 14 liters divided into two shelves, however, thanks to the removable shelf we will be able to optimize the space even to enter inside two one and a half liter bottles.
Product of which you can decide the direction of opening. If you prefer the left opening to the right one (for logistical convenience) then you just have to reverse it, since the Mobicool F16 is equipped with a reversible door.
The cooling capacity is minus 20°C compared to room temperature and the cooler in Eco mode is not noisy, so you can install it even in your bedroom.
Interested now to find out the price and design of the Mobicool F16?
Click here and you can also check if the cooler is still available.

20 litre green portable mini fridge: we recommend the Severin KB 2922

Not only interested in a small stationary cooler?

Would you like one that you can use both on your travels and at home?

Then we recommend the Severin KB 2922, a green mini fridge that can be powered by either a 230-volt or a 12-volt socket.
The internal volume is 20 liters and is suitable for 1.5 liter bottles. In addition, another data that has fully convinced us concerns the power consumption, since the same is really low. The Severin KB 2922 (click on the link to read the review) is in fact a small cooler belonging to the energy class A++.

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