Grey mini fridge: features and prices of recommended models

On this page you’ll be able to view certain coolers that all have a common denominator, which is the color gray. But beyond this aspect, they are really different grey mini fridges (as you’ll have the chance to evaluate).
And without going into too much detail, below in the next few paragraphs we‘ll describe the models we liked best, both aesthetically and technically. Even before you can check out some offers.

6-litre grey portable mini fridge: we recommend the Ardes ARTK44A

Are you looking for a small fridge with a low capacity and not excessive dimensions?
A cooler that you can use both at home and in the car?
That can be easily transported?

In this case, we recommend the Ardes ARTK44A mini fridge. This model has a volume of 6 litres, inside which you can fit several half-litre bottles/cans, dividing them between the two shelves. The central grill can be removed so that you can also fit a 1.5-litre bottle.
Small refrigerator that is not noisy and boasts very small dimensions(26 cm wide, 31 cm high and 20 cm deep).
Are you intrigued by this product? Then discover it here.

Portable 17-litre grey mini fridge: we recommend the Ardes TK45A

A model very similar to the previous one (the designs are practically identical, only the dimensions are different), but in this case the difference that exists between this Ardes mini fridge and the one described above concerns only the capacity. The TK45A is a 17-litre cooler. Inside it we can put up to 4 2-liter bottles.
To know more about this cooler you can read our review (click on Ardes TK45A).

40 litre grey portable mini fridge: we recommend Dometic RC1200

The Dometic RC1200 not only increases the capacity in spite of the grey mini fridge mentioned so far, but it is a trivalent cooler, i.e. it can be powered by 12 Volt, 230 Volt and gas. Therefore, it adapts to every need and can be used anywhere.
It cools down to -25 ° C compared to the outside temperature and inside we can put up to 8 bottles of 2 liters. In the purchase package we find also included an ice cube tray.
The Dometic RC1200 EGP we strongly recommend it to campers or lovers of outdoor life. And if you want to know the price of such portable mini fridge, click here.

Fixed grey mini fridge with 109 litres: we recommend Candy cctos 542xh

Among the most capacious grey mini fridge, we can not fail to mention the Candy cctos 542xh that is appreciated for its internal volume of a good 109 liters. It can be used not only as a fridge, but also as a freezer. And in this regard we specify that the freezer department has a capacity of 14 liters, while the refrigerator department has a capacity of 95 liters.
Ideal product for home use and for installation in the bedroom since it is silent. And if you want to find out all about this electric cooler, we invite you to read our review by clicking on Candy cctos-542xh.

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