Guide to buying a wine cooler

Rather than the classic mini fridge, are you more interested in a wine cooler?

Let’s specify right away that there is no difference between the two products from a functional point of view, the difference lies only in the design, given that wine cellars compared to mini fridges are more ideal for storing wine or champagne. In addition, the wine cellars are usually more elegant, since inside we could put, perhaps, fine wines to show off and then drink with friends.
The wine coolers are organized in several shelves where you can put the bottles, however, the shelves can be removed to allow the standing of the drinks (in our opinion, however, doing so you lose that elegance and order that distinguishes these products).

Best wine coolers: recommended models

Want to find out which are the best wine coolers?

Below we have chosen the ones that represent the best choices for us. You can read a short review of these mini wine fridges right now (you can go into more detail by clicking on the links you’ll see while reading).

Best 21 liters wine cooler: Tristar WR 7508

We recommend the Tristar WR 7508 wine cooler as it reduces vibration (this is for better wine storage) and manages to maintain an internal temperature 16° lower than room temperature. It is not a noisy mini fridge and is energy efficient. Find out more by clicking on the Tristar WR 7508 and reading our review.

Best 32 litre mini fridge: Tristar WR-7512

Another Tristar wine cooler but this time we’re talking about the WR7512 model which, compared to the previous one, is not only more capacious but boasts two separate refrigeration zones, so you can cool different drinks at different temperatures. This is certainly the main advantage that characterizes this mini wine cellar fridge of which you can find out the price and features by clicking here.

Best 48 liter wine cooler: Klarstein Barolo

With the Klarstein Barolo wine cellar you will benefit from an internal capacity of 48 liters that allows, specifically, to put inside up to 16 bottles of wine from 0.75 l. The design is extremely elegant and also for this reason it can be used as a mini fridge for hotels.
And if you want to find out everything about this wine cooler you can click on Klarstein Barolo.

Fridge wine cellar: features to look out for

When choosing a wine cellar fridge, several features should be considered which we will now focus on in the following paragraphs. Among these we certainly mention the possibility of the “double temperature”, the refrigeration capacity and the internal light (the latter, as you can read, is not only a useful feature).

Refrigeration capacity

Wine needs to be stored properly, which is why you should always evaluate the refrigeration capacity of the fridge. All the more so if the wine cooler is to be placed in a warm environment.
So, if, for example, the wine cooler will be placed in the kitchen where the temperature reaches 32°, and you want to keep the wine at a temperature between 12° and 16°, you will necessarily have to buy a model that can, at least, maintain a temperature of less than 16° C compared to the room temperature.

Dual temperature wine cooler

Do you need to store drinks at different temperatures?

There is no need to buy two mini wine cellars. All you need to do is buy a dual temperature wine cooler.
Does one bottle have to be stored at 15°C and another at 12°C?
Thanks to the space divided in two, you can put one bottle on a special shelf where it will be stored at 12°C and the second on another shelf where it will be stored at 15°C.
A solution that is not only more economical[see here for the price of the wine cooler recommended by us] compared to the need to buy two mini wine coolers (although this also depends on the model chosen), but also allows you to save space.

Space-saving built-in wine cooler!

Don’t have much space?

Would putting the mini fridge on the floor become a hindrance?

Then opt for the built-in wine cooler. These are special models that can be built into a cupboard shelf and become invisible. And if this is the solution you prefer, you can view the prices and features of one of the available models here.
Warning: floor-standing wine cellars are not suitable for recessed installation, unless recommended by the manufacturer, as these models need to “breathe” in order to function properly.

Internal lighting

Internal lighting not only has the role of ensuring visibility in every situation and without the need to turn on the light in the room, but it can also become a design aspect. Some models, for example, boast coloured LED lighting that gives the wine cooler an even more elegant and refined look.

Prices of wine coolers for wine and other drinks

Having seen the best models recommended by us, evaluated the features to be taken into account in the choice, now we just have to show you the prices of the available wine coolers. To see this you just have to click here (you can immediately evaluate another of the models we recommend) and you will be redirected to one of the most popular online sales sites, where you can also view the subjective reviews of other customers.

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